Girl's Night Out

Tonight I had my first night out with MY girl's. That's right Jillian, Sabrina and I went to dinner to celebrate Jillian being a 1st grader. I know that this will be the first of many special times I get to spend with my girls. I know that my mom misses and now treasures her times with "her girls". The only thing that made me a little sad was as we were driving to dinner Jillian said, "Mom, you know what would have made tonight even better? If Danean and Emma were here to have girl's night with us." Not a week goes by that she doesn't make a comment about missing the Milligans. All in all we had a great evening.

Class Of 2020

Yes class of 2020. Does that freak anyone else out? Though it is one of the coolest graduating years. I can not believe that Jillian is done with kindergarten. She was so good in today's program. Though you can not tell from the pictures my daughter is the least ladylike in the group. I guess that is what happens when you have big brothers. She has grown up so much in this last year. She is reading and doing math. She also can change diapers. That we found out when Daddy left Hayden had baby sitting. Actually, they tag team the diaper change. The two of them are a pretty good team when they want to be. Jillian is also really good at hanging out and playing with Gavin. She is my biggest helper and also ready to what needs to be done so that we can have fun. She is fearless, what ever Jared does she does as well sometime better and faster. Though don't tell Jared I said that, because I will deny it. So, Jilli-bean, congratulations on the first of you may accomplishments.


Flashback Friday #2

Wow it is hard to believe it was 11 years ago today that Owen and I got married. I got out the photos and each one I so clearly remember taking. I leave my photo album out on the table and it is one of my kids favorite things to look at. They just love the fact they can see us together before there was them. They also love seeing how different we looked. I laugh when I see the pictures with John and Peter as they walked in just in time for photos but were busy lost in the casino during the ceremony. Hey they were kids in Vegas what did I expect. Then I look at Owen sister's (Jen is missing as she was in Switzerland working) and I remember my friend Jarri calling them "the bodies" and asking if I was sure about joining the family. I knew that I would never be able to look as good as them but they love and except me for who I am and that is more precious to me than anything. I feel that I have been blessed with a wonderful husband, who as I have said before, has given me the beautiful family I knew that we meant to have together. When I look at the first picture I can feel the love that I had for him that day and know the leaps and bounds that it has grown over the past 11 years. I know that we have many years together ahead of us and in the grand scheme of things 11 years isn't that long but I do look forward to the things that are yet to come. Also, Owen,thank you for loving me, supporting me, and accepting me flaws and all. I also hope that one day we will have the chance to get sealed because I just can not imagine eternity without you.


Gavin's Love

As you can see Sabrina was playing in the walker in the hall today while I was doing laundry. Gavin was playing and talking to her . I have my head in the machine and I hear, "Sabrina, I love you as big as the world." I stop poke my head around the door and ask him, "what did you just say???" He looks at me and says, " Mom, I love Sarina as big as the world. That's big right? 'Cause I love her lots." He plops a big kiss on her head and goes to find his other sister so she can put on a kid show for him to watch. I am telling you it was so sweet I thought my swollen heart would pop out of my chest. Then I remembered what a pill he as been lately and my thoughts of selling him to the highest bidder and decided to let that all go and keep him after all. Man living with an independent three year old sure has its ups and downs. Who needs roller coasters when you have one of those living in your home.

Phillips Kids Photo Summer 2008

I just want to briefly say how hard it is to ry to get a good photo of all five kids. This was the best. Gavin isn't exactly smiling but the look is pure Gavin. Jared is at that goofy preteen grin stage and Jillian wanst to put her tonge though the whole where her teeth should be. Man I wish I had someone who lived close that was into photography. Next time I think that I will take them in the yard by the pond and try to do it myself. That way I can you photoshop to cut and paste a great picture. My problem was that three would look good in one photo and 2 would look good in another . I do have copies for everyone. I will give them to you as I see you. If you live in Boston I will try to get them in the mail soon.


SO just how skinny is Jillian???

Okay so today I looked at Jilli and noticed that she had on her brother's shorts. "Which brother?", you ask. GAVIN. Now as if that wasn't funny enough when I turned her around to look at the tag to see if they were in fact Gavin's shorts, I saw that they were (okay wait for it) a size 18months. Yes, you read that right my 6 and half year old daughter was wear a toddlers 18 months size shorts. And here is the kicker they fit her just fine. They didn't look to small nor were they were not tight in the butt. As you have probably her me say before she has no butt. Which you can see by the bunches of fabric in the above photo. Yes, Nana she has your body and Auntie Meghan's temperament. Man I love that girl but boy do I hate trying to buy her pants.


Sundae Sunday

Okay so we just had ice cream. Owen was remembering when he was a kid, his family would drive to Logan for ice cream on the weekends. So he wanted to take the kids out for a Sunday treat. We had a great family Sunday. I got up and made banana pancakes and sausage. Stephanie don't faint, I actually made a hot breakfast. It may not have been french toast but its a start. We went to church. We had grilled steaks and sat together all of us at the dining room table for dinner and talked about what we had coming up for the next week. We even talked about what meals we could make for dinner later this week. I know it sound like a normal family Sunday. I think that we are finally getting in the groove of our large family. I know you would think that it would have taken us less the six months but oh well. For those of you who are wondering why there is a picture of the chocolate ice cream. That is for Grandma Chris just to let her know that we were thinking of her. Hoping that she will come spend a Sunday with us even if we have to bribe her with a promise of her favorite ice cream.


Flashback Friday #1

I have decided to have a recurring post each week. On Fridays I am going to pull out an old photo just to remember and look back. This week as we are thinking how excited we are that Jen and her family will be coming up soon I pulled out one of my favorite pictures of the kids. I love how close our kids are even though they get to see each other a few times a year. The best part is that when they see each other it is like no time has passed at all. It is hard to believe that when this picture was taken Gavin and Brooke were infants and there was no Kyle or Sabrina. Where did the time go.


To bow or not to bow???

So Sabrina's hair is getting longer. To long for me to glue bows in but not long enough for any type of clip. As you can see I got her a headband with a bow. But I can not decide if I think she look cute or like she has a growth on her head. If you have an opinion please let me know. I am going to be taking pictures of her soon for her 6 months and am tryng to decide. So what should
I do?
** editied 6/20/08 Which bow, A or B?? OR no bow???? If you cannot post a comment please e-mail with choice.


Happy Father's Day

On this father's day I want to take a moment to say how blessed I am to have such a great father for my kids. I know that I am lucky to happy, healthy, beautiful children with Owen. They are all the spitting image of him. They have his love for life, his spirit, his fearlessness and his swagger. I also know that if it weren't for him and his support I could never have been talked into having 5, but I would never be willing to give any of them up. (Though there are times I am willing to think otherwise) So on this day, Owen, I love you more than I can put into words. Thank you for giving 5 blessings. You are the best dad.


Friday Foto Finish Fiesta

SO I was reading one of the blogs that I like to visit (http://carriestuckmann.blogspot.com/ ) and she said to share a favorite photo. I chose this one of Gavin because after the week he has had I needed to remember when I didn't want to kill him. He is all of three and decided that he didn't like living with me any more so he was going to run away. Now he decided this while I was on the phone with Owen and I thought he was in the kitchen eating with his big sister. Jillian came in and said,"Gavin ran away, again but not up the street like earlier and I don't know where he is." Calm mom that I am I loaded up the baby and Jillian and started driving to the neighbors house he like to play at. She lives three streets away. I found him halfway there. HE laughed at me when he saw me coming. NOT a good idea to laugh at the mom who is trying to remember that you are only three and not thirteen so I can not ground you for life yet. Needless to say he was sent to his room for long enough that the only way he could pass time was to take a nap. which was probably a good idea for both of us. So Carrie thanks for helping me remember I really do love the booger and maybe I should let him live to see age 4.


Wii Play

Okay so it is hard to tell from the pictures but the new Wii Fit board is a blast. I said that I was buying for the kids but the truth is I really wanted it. And yes, the kids have to fight me to get to play on it. I am even better at some of the games than they are. Not bad for Mom. I have never been one to play video games but this thing is addictive. It says that it will help improve your fitness. Let's hope so because as of now it is just helping to keep track of the weight that I am not loosing. But we have only had a a few days guess I need to be a little patient. Yes, I am part of the "me" generation and want instant result and instant gratification. Oh by the way, Peter is walking on a tight rope and holding his arms out for better balance.


10 things Sabrina wishes she could say but can't

10. Mom, I know you like chocolate but, it gives me gas. Please enjoy sparingly.

9. This may come as a surprise to you, Gavin, but I do, in fact, need air to breathe. I know you love me.

8. If you people truly understood how ridiculous those faces looked, you probably wouldn't make them at me.

7. Guys, I am the baby of the family the sooner you realize that life revolves around me the better.

6. Dad, stop your whining! If you think this is bad, just wait until I start eating solids. Besides it isn't like you have had to do it that often.

5. Hey guys, when my eyes are closed, that means "baby" is sleeping. It's called courtesy. Try it.

4. Jared, Hayden and Jillian you don't have to fight over me. I may be little but there is more than enough of me to go around.

3. Mom, am I big enough to spend the night at Heidi's? I hear she NEVER says NO.

2. They're cheeks, people, not silly putty.

1. Sorry Dad, but I do like Mom better.



So the other night we were thinking about playing cards, but when we saw what a good poker face Sabrina had we thought we would go to bed early instead. As yes, we do start training the kids young to love card games. It is a requirement in the Phillips Family to LOVE to play cards.
Besides I just couldn't break in the new table without everyone being here to play.


Jillian Smiles

So I was playing with a new photo editing site. I just thought I would share what I was playing with. I just love the look on Jilli's face. I love her smile and her freckles. I cannot believe I helped create this beautiful girl.


As you can see it is spring in our yard. Everything is blooming. I love when things come back to life, including the fish in the pond. Though our yard in Logan was spacious, I would take this yard over it any day. This time of year it is nice to sit out by the pond and just listen. It is our own private sanctuary. The wisteria now covers the arbor completely and makes nice shade in the afternoon. It is doing so well we are going to extend it so that it will cover the rose garden which will now have to be moved to the front yard. Oh well, what would Owen do if he didn't have a project, probably just get into some sort of trouble.


Jason & Gavin

Poor Jason, Gavin would not leave his side this weekend. I think Gavin was worried that he might not be there if he let him out of his site. It is a good thing that Jason likes the little guy so much. At this point if Jason and Heidi said that they would keep Gavin I know that he would go in a heart beat.


Pool Side

Saturday was the perfect day to be pool side. Not to hot, not to crowded and lots of fun. We are glad that Heidi and Jason let us come over for some free fun. The kids had a blast.


Fixing Gavin's Hair

As you can see the only way to fix Gavin's hair was to buzz it. Jason told him that he was getting the Air Force cut. He even gave Gavin an Air Force pin when he was done. Yes, he practically bald. On the bright side, it feels really cool. It is funny to watch him keep touching it. Though it is so short I have to put sunblock on his head when he goes out side. Hayden liked it so much he wanted the same done but I just paid for him to have his cut last week so I am making him wait.