Police & Fire Department

So we had a visit from both at our house today. I was unloading the stuff from Costco. Sabrina had only just fallen asleep, so I left her in her seat while I unloaded the car. Mean while, Gavin gets into the car and LOCKED the doors climbs out the back and I didn't see that part. When I am finished unloading, I close the back of the van to go around and to get out Sabrina and GUESS WHAT?? All the doors are locked. I am unable to find the spare key ANYWHERE in the house. So I had to call for help. On the plus side, Sabrina slept through the whole thing. Now I just have to find a way NOT to kill the FIVE year old child.


Guess who is a BIG girl???

It is official we are DONE with DIAPERS!!!! She is dressing herself and using the potty. I can not believe no more diapers. Take a moment here, I have been changing diapers every day since 9/9/98. That is 11 years and 6 months. I don't even want to think about how much money I have spent on them. All I can say is WOOOO HOOOOO!!
Please notice that the size 2 panties are just a little big.


Disneyland 2010

Things I learned at Disneyland
1) DON'T ever go on a holiday weekend.
2) Remember to take out your CAMERA more often
3) FOOD is EXPENSIVE, thank goodness Jennifer sent us with lunch and snacks she saved us a TON
4) Going with cousins makes the experience all the better (thanks Steph & Korey)
5) I am a VERY smart mom for putting Owen's cell number in Gavin's pocket in case he wondered (yes he needed it)
6) THREE years between visits is WAY to long. The kids are all getting big enough that we will have to go back again SOON.


You would never guess...

they were sisters. YEAH RIGHT!!!