Celebrating Birthdays

We got together at Heidi's house to celebrate Owen and Jared's birthdays. Mom and Steph came down with the kids so the cousins could spend so time together. Mom brought down a cake and let the kids "help" frost it. A fun time was had by all. Cameron had the best time though because he figured out that he has his Uncle Owen beat it height. Cameron will be 14 in November.


Favorite Foto Friday 9.18.09

I know it has been a slow week here on the blog. Oh well, life moves forward. Owen and Sabrina in our tomato garden. Sabrina LOVES tomatoes. I have to watch her because she just goes out there and starts picking and eating. She really is taking after her mommy both in her food tastes and her looks. IT only took having FIVE to finally get one.


Favorite Foto Friday 9.11.09

I don't know how Heidi does it. But she manages to get my kids to do things they would Never do for me. Here she has talked the girls (and Gavin) into washing the van. I just love that she has put my 20 month old to work. Doesn't she look cute?? There is just some thing about a pony tail that makes Sabrina look like a big girl.
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MMMMM- cake

Just wanted to share a family photo from Jared's family dinner. Peter was here too but, the photo with him in it half of the kids eyes were closed. I almost wish this was a video because all of them were saying "cheese", even Sabrina. I have a very cute family if I do say so myself.


Happy Birthday Jared

I can hardly believe I am the mother of an 11 year old. My first born is well on his way in to pre-adolescences. I am SOOO not ready. Though I guess that really does not matter. I am so proud of the boy he is becoming. Most days he his the best big brother. He was definitely meant to be the oldest. I am very glad that I am blessed to have him as my son. Happy birthday Jared!!!


Favorite Foto Friday 9*4*09

So the truth is I stole this foto. My sister in law posted it on her facebook and I snagged it. I just love you can tell how much fun Jared was having that day. He even let himself be subjected to a picture and a hug from his aunt. There are day I just can not believe how big he is getting.

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Baby Love

Sabrina LOVES her cousin Gabby. When she sees her she just wants to touch and love her. If allowed to she would kiss her to death. We have finally at least gotten her trained to kiss either the top of her head or her feet, so that Heidi relax a little. The one thing that Heidi does know is that Sabrina is VERY gentle when she is around Gabby. It is very funny to watch Sabrina when Gabby is around. Sabrina balls her hands in to little fists like she is working hard to control herself and not touch her or to be very soft with her. Needless to say Sabrina is in total love.