Favorite Foto Friday 10.30.09

This is Jillian taking a break from "Paid" labor in the yard. As you can see we need to do so weeding. She and the boys were helping Owen in the front yard clear out some of the flower beds. They got one done on the last warm Saturday we had. Now that the weather is in the forties I think the rest of the weeds will be around till spring. Maybe I will start praying for one more nice Saturday so they can finish. And yes I know I am saying they, I don't like getting my hands dirty. I'll stay inside and clean instead, that or go shopping.

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On Parade

Grandpa, zombie and our knocked out soccer player were all on parade at school today. Then the sixth grade did the Thriller dance, I don't have video but it was very cute. By the way did you notice the bruise on Jillian's face, not at bad makeup job if I do say so myself.


Taking after Mommy

The other day I was getting ready and Sabrina got very quite. Which normally would mean that trouble was a foot. Instead this is what I found. My 21 month old, kicking back READING. I could not be more proud. Maybe I really do have one that is taking after me after all.



We decided Gavin needed an outlet for some of his energy. We love what karate has done for Hayden so we are letting Gavin give it a try. The above video is from his VERY FIRST lesson. So far I think he his doing great. Though I must admit he we hilarious to watch. I was trying not to laugh so I had tears running down my face. For those of you who know Gavin, he was told to stand still on the spot after each punch or kick. But in true Gavin style he was BoUnCiNg like Tigger unable to contain his excitement.

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Family Pictures

Rachel was kind enough to take family photos of us one day while we were there. The day we went to Plymouth we got home and the weather and the timing were to perfect not to try. I am glad we did as the next day was raining. I think we got some pretty great pictures. Ones I know I will treasure. Thank you Rachel.


Utah kids and the beach

So I want you to know that you can not take my kids near water without them wanting to get IN it. Never mind that it had rained ALL day long. Never mind that it is OCTOBER. Never mind that it was about 60 degrees outside and Auntie Rachel had on her winter coat. Never mind that the water temperature was probably in the 40's. My kids still need to get in it. You will see more examples of this in tomorrows pictures. But Auntie Rachel being the good aunt that she is said SURE go ahead get wait. Because she knew that is the makings of GREAT photo memories. And beside kids and clothes are washable.

Patriots and the Park

On Sunday Owen and Steve took the BIG boys to the Patriots game. While they were gone Rachel and I kept the rest of the kids busy. First we went to the park to play and have snacks. Then it started to rain so it was home for lunch and naps. Then while Sabrina was still down Rachel took her girls and Jilli and Gavin to go see Joe and Ari's new additions. They have chicks. the kids were excited to see and hold them. Then the weather cleared up and she took them over to the beach. But you have to come back tomorrow to see those pictures.


Visiting History

We took a day to see some of the historical sites of Boston. We went to Plymouth Plantation, the Mayflower and Plymouth Rock. Being that thanksgiving is just around the corner it was fun things to see. Jared LOVED this. He spent ALL of last year studying Massachusetts so see his report come to life was a great experience. The day was picture perfect for site seeing.


Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Saturday we woke up to RAIN. So it was a hang out at home and PRAY that it would stop because we had some tickets to the RED SOX'S game. Steve being the MAN got awesome seats. As you can see, front row right next to the Sox's dugout and right behind their batters box. Don't you just love the warning sign that is posted when you get to sit this close. They like you to know you could get hit in the HEAD. Anyways, if you watched the game on TV you surely saw them sitting there. They were so close I even heard Jared yelling when I was watching the game at home. Jillian being so cute was waved to several times during the game by players, including Big Poppy Ortiz. It was Owen's first trip to Fenway as well and since they won I think all were happy with the trip.


Pumpkins and Playing

The next day was a beautiful New England Autumn day. So we were off to a pumpkin patch to explore and play. Megan decided she was going to Jared's buddy. It was so cute watching them walk around hand and hand. The kids loved trying to pick up pumpkins that were almost bigger than they were. I made the mistake of telling the kids if they carried to where we could pay for them I would by them. Needless to say I bought Steve and Rachel 3 extra pumpkins. After walking around the pond and walking the pumpkin fields we sat down under big Oak trees for a snack of fresh cider donuts and cider. The kids kids entertained themselves by throwing acorns in the pond and into a camp fire that was burning. They thought is was hilarious when the acorns got hot and popped.