Discovery Garden

We took the kids to Thanksgiving Point and the Children's garden. The weather was suppose to turn rainy so we decided to wait on our first day on the lake. They managed to get plenty wet though. When you first walk in to the garden the have a water feature the kids can play in. It is am ark complete with camels that randomly spit water at you. As you can see, Jillian got caught and the boys thought it was hilarious. Jared is in few picture be can he decide to though a pre-teen attitude because we weren't doing what he wanted. Oh boy, let the fun begin.


Lizards in the Road

Yes, the kids are laying in the road. NO, I was not home at the time, Dad was in charge. We live in a hill with VERY little traffic. This is how the kids warm themselves up after playing in the sprinkler on the trampoline. This was the first day the temperatures were above 70 and they couldn't wait to get wet.


Doing it Myself

Last week I was taking a class so Owen was in charge. He is way more laid back about messy kids. So, Sabrina fed herself dinner. Something with red sauce. As you can see, she is way proud of herself.


Going golfing

Hayden had a science project for school. He had to make a golf hole using at least one simple machine. His actually had 5 or six. Then the whole school come in and tries out their golf hole. As you can see both Hayden and Jilli had a great time. Hayden loved working with Owen to build it. And was excited that Owen took the day off work to come see is work in action.


Daddy Day

Saturday Gavin got to take Daddy to school. He looked forward to it all week. So much so that every time he saw Owen he told him what time they had to go to the school on Saturday. The kids take them around the school to show daddy all the things they do and are learning. I have a really cute picture of Owen and Gavin painting but the scanner is ALLL the way in the basement and really I am just to lazy to go down there and scan it today. So you will just have to take my word for it.


Happy Birthday Uncle Peter

The BIG 30, and he can still put on an 8 year old's Laker jersey when he looses a bet. He is a Jazz fan and said this would be the first and last time he would be seen wearing anything Lakers. I guess it is time for the baby of the family to be a grown up. Though when he get together with my boys it is hard for me to tell who is the kid. He love instigating them in to trouble but that is what a good uncle does. Happy birthday hope all your birthday wishes come true.


Birthdays, Brids & a Belly

Today is Grandma Deedee and Aunt Jennifer's birthday. (Jen is the Aunt in pink) Though it has been a while since we saw grandma Deedee we think of her often and hope she has a fabulous day. Jen he hope all your birthday wishes come true.

Heidi and Jason have a Blue jay that comes over regular for peanuts. Owen, Peter and Heidi have name him Jay. I know that every time he visits they think of grandpa Ozzie. We are putting up his picture so Grandma Deedee can could see him in all his wonderful blueness.

Now on to the belly. Her face has been removed to protect her identity. (and hopefully prevent her from killing me) In my defense, it was Owen who took the picture and it was his idea to put it here in the blog. I know there are many family members who were wondering how she was doing and what she was looking like. In my opinion she is still really small for 32 weeks and she is just belly. She hasn't put on weight anywhere else, though I know she feels different. If I looked as good as she does I might have let my hubby take a picture or two. Both Mommy and baby are going great and hoping to make it to 36 weeks. One more month and baby Gabby will be here.


Flashback Friday 5*1*09

We interrupt this Flashback Friday due to a CrAZy HAiR day. Jared is sporting is changeable samurai due. Changeable because it has putty in it and can be manipulated into different shapes. Hayden mohawked out. Finally, Jillian has EVERY scrunchy in the drawer in her pony.

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