Spring Soccer Starts

Today was the first day of soccer for Jillian and Hayden. As you can see it was a crisp spring morning here in Utah. It was so cold Owen watched part of Hayden's game from the car with Gavin. This is the first year that they are playing. So far they are liking it. The kids were having so much fun everyone forgot to keep score.

Hayden waiting to get back in the game so he can warm up again.

Jillian going for the goal. Yes, the tongue out makes her go faster.


Grandma goes to school

Today Grandma went to school with Hayden, his 2nd grade class has grandparents day. She said that they sung a lot of patriotic songs. Hayden also taught her to waltz, hooky pooky, and do the Macarena. Now she may be slightly bias but she said the he was the most animated singer and knew the dances the best. Grandma also got to have lunch at school with Hayden. Friday's are pizza day, his favorite. After lunch they went to his class and all the grandparent told the kids what things were like when they were in the 2nd grade. Grandma told the kids that when she was their age she didn't have a blow-drier or curling iron, not because they could afford one but because they hadn't been invented yet. I think that they both had a great day.


Sabrina's Smiling ...

and cooing. She just loves to get chatty when it is time to eat or late at night when it is time for bed. I can not believe that she is almost 10 weeks old. It seems like it is flying by. For those of you I haven't updated: she is growing. When we went to the doctor two weeks ago she was up to 7lbs and 10oz. I think this might actually be the last package of newborn diapers I ever buy for a baby in my house. I am not sure if I want to jump for joy or cry. I'll have to think on that a while. All her siblings just love to kiss and hold her and sometime fight over who's turn it is. I have to drink those moments in because I just know it won't be long before I am hear," I held her last time it's YOUR turn to watch her."

Welcome to Blogging

Well, I guess I have joined the world of blogging. I love looking at my friends blog to see what is going on in thier lives. Even though I may not talk to them often I feel as though I am part of thier lives. So I have decided to return the favor. My goal will be to try to add something at least once a week, though with five kids I am not sure how successful I will be. You would think that having five kids would give me plenty of material. I think they will I just have to remember to keep my camera close at hand at all times. Well, once again welcome to our site.