What happens when...

you leave your 3 year old to his own devices while you are trying to feed the baby and get her to sleep. Yes, that is a CHUNK of hair missing. Yes, he did just have his hair cut professionally a week ago. Yes, I am going to have to shave his head and make him bald. Yes, I am VERY thankful that the first child who decided to cut their own hair is a boy and that it is summer.


Jason's HOME

I know that for Heidi and the kids it was a LONG 5 months. Jason got home from Iraq at about 1:15 am on Saturday morning. Owen took the boys to see him land at Hill Air Force Base. I know it will be something that they NEVER forget. They got to see a giant plane lane carrying hundreds who had served back home. They got to see the local motorcycle color guard line the tarmac for them to walk through. They had donuts and treats while they waited. Finally the plane landed and Jason being the gentleman that he is let just about everyone of the plane before him. Driving poor Heidi nuts. They were both interviewed by several local TV stations. You can access the interviews at KSL.com, they aired on Saturday. My kids swear that Jason got bigger and taller while he was in Iraq. Whatever, we are all just glad that he is home and safe.


Looking Back

So I was reading my friend Shannon's blog and she tagged everyone so here it goes:

May 1988 (20 years ago): I was a sophomore at Beverly Hills High. I was trying out for the Varsity Squad in flag for cheer leading. I was probably getting ready for a Varsity Gymnastics meet. It was also most the end of the school year so I would have been studying for finals. And oh yeah, I was also working evenings and weekend with Shannon at the Beverly Hills Public Library, where we were anything but quiet and got paid to hang out together and work on our homework. If it is a Friday more oftem than not I was spending the night at Shannon's with Carol and Tony would be sneeking in the window with fries and apple pies.

May 1993 (15 years ago): Let me think is one is hard but if I remember right I was finishing my 3rd year at college and since I went to different school every year I think that year I was in Malibu at Pepperdine. Nice location, nice school but I know I was having a hard time focusing as I was WAY into my boyfriend, Owen at the time. I think we were even starting to talk about living together and moving to Utah. (though if my mom reads this I will deny ever admitting that).

May 1998 (10 years ago): Owen and I had been married almost a year and were living in a great apartment near Big Cottonwood Canyon in Salt Lake. I was working for Conger Chiropractic doing their insurance billing. I was pregnant with our first child and right around Memorial Day were would be having the Ultrasound to find out that we would be having a BOY.

May 2003 (5 years ago): This would be a busy 5 years as I would now be a stay at home mom to 3 kids. Jared would be 4 1/2, Hayden 3 and Jillian 18 months. We are living in a beautiful home in Sandy, Utah. The weather would be getting better and we would probably be thinking of our first boating trip for the year. Other than that 2003 was a blurr.

May 2007 (1 Year ago): We decided to move to Logan while the kids were off track and put our Sandy home on the market. I remember not feeling great about the move, but looking back on it was more than likely morning sickness because in June I found out I was pregnant with baby #5. Let me tell you how hard it is to move a family of 6, packing and unpacking all the while you just want to barf. I was also worrying about how I was going to keep my kids entertained while they were out of school for 3 months straight. I was use to year round school and only need to find something for a few weeks at a time.

Well that was a scary look back, if you have a blog now it is your turn. Good luck.


Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' ....

So my sister says that I post to much about Sabrina but it seems that she is doing something new everyday. So once again here is what Sabrina did today. I will work on trying to have a more balanced blog. But if not OH WELL. Know that I love all my kids it just seems like there is so much I need to document about her first year.

So we went to library...

the other day and the boys who both have their own library card go right for the computers. They like that they can both be on one at the same time. At home they have to share and take turns. It is hard to tell but at least Hayden had taken a few moments to pick out a book before he got on. Then I asked Jillian if she would push Sabrina for a few minutes while I went to go look for something I wanted to get . When I went to find her, I found her reading a story to Sabrina and Gavin. It was so cute I just had to take a picture. Can you tell that Sabrina looks a little confused about the potty training book that Jillian was reading her?


What kind of mom am I ???

So this is what all 5 of my kids do while I am trying to take a shower and get ready for the day. Notice that even Sabrina is watching TV. What kind of mom am I that a 5 month old is watching TV. On the bright side, nobody was fighting and nobody got hurt. Also it was a PBS cartoon so it must have been somewhat educational.


Mother Day Flowers

The beautiful striped pink flowers are from my Aunt Joyce. I love that she always remembers to send me flowers on mother's day, though I am not her mother she thinks enough of me and the job that I am doing to always send me something beautiful to let me know that she is thinking of me. The long stemmed red ones are from Owen and the kids. For those of you that don't know, Owen HATES to buy cut roses, be would rather sped the same money and get a rose bush that blooms forever. He think that is throwing money away. This is only the third time that I have gotten roses from him. The first was when he proposed, the second was when I gave birth to Jared and these. So I think that now that I am a mother of five I was deserving of roses and because they are few and far between they are very special. I know next year he will go back to buying flowers for the garden.



So I saw this quiz on somebody else's blog an decided to take it to see what I flavor ice cream I was. It says I'm Vanilla. At first I was upset thinking," Hey I'm not that plain and boring." But then I thought about it awhile. When you have hot apple pie it ALWAYS tastes better with Vanilla ice cream. A when you have birthday cake Vanilla is ALWAYS there too. And the only flavor of ice cream that goes with strawberry short cake or bananas foster is, yep you guessed it, Vanilla. Also for me nothing tastes better on a hot summer day than a vanilla soft serve cone. So I think I decided that I am glad to be a vanilla after all. It is reliable, it goes with everything and is always invited to the party. If you want to see what you are just click on the palm above and it will take you directly to the test. Have fun and let me know what you are.


More California Fun

As you can see we had way to much fun while we were in California. The kids had a blast in the pool, water fun in the yard making S'mores in the kitchen and having slumber parties every night in Kelly's new room. Thanks again Jen and family for having us. We can not wait for you to visit here this summer.


Duck Pond With Jennnifer

So while we were in California we went to the duck pond with Jen and her kids. All the kids love having the duck come close to get a snack. It is so fun to watch them talk to the ducks to try to get them to come close. Hayden's favorite animal is ducks so he just loves getting to see them and hang out. It was hard to believe that only two days before we were roasting at the zoo and on this day we needed sweatshirts. I want to thank Jennifer and Brett for making us feel so at home and welcome. I love that the cousins get to play and be close. I love the memories that we are creating.


18 Weeks

It is hard to beilieve that Sabrina is already 4 1/2 months old. We went to the doctor today and she weighs 10 lbs. 5 oz and is 23 inches long. I love that she talks and smiles to everyone. She is so chatty just like a little girl should be. I am so thankful that I listened to that still soft voice that said my family wasn't yet complete. Though 5 kids can be a handful I can not imagine our family without her sweet spirit.

I know that my kids are just as glad that she is here.
Jillian can hardly wait until Sabrina is big enough to move into her room with her. I can just see them staying up late for girl talks when they are older.

A visit with Heidi

Jared and Gavin got to spend the night at Heidi's. She took them to the Air Force Museum. As you can see they had a ton of fun. They got to stay up later and talk on the phone with Jason. They also had way to many treats as Heidi never says no.


Uncle Pete's Day

As you can see Uncle Peter had a great day. First he got to watch his Jazz play the Lakers. Since Jared is a Laker fan he is always trying to turn Peter into on as well. I think that Peter is wearing the Laker jersey because he lost a bet on the first game. Doesn't he looked thrilled to be the newest Lakers fan.


Later we had grilled hamburgers and had skor cake for his birthday party. The kids all worked hard on cleaning the house so that they could earn money to go to the dollar store to shop for his birthday presents and decorations. They got him his cool shark hat, a cool necklace, red sport socks, a Wii candy dispenser, a new coffee mug and a cooly for is beer. Do my kids know their Uncle or what.


More Zoo Photos

So the kids and I went to California for some fun while they are off track. First stop Aunt Jennifer's. We all went to the San Diego Zoo. IT was VERY HOT, 94 degrees. It was so hot the ice creams we even melting fast inside. I want to thank Grandma and Jen without them this fun trip would not have been possible.