Jason's HOME

I know that for Heidi and the kids it was a LONG 5 months. Jason got home from Iraq at about 1:15 am on Saturday morning. Owen took the boys to see him land at Hill Air Force Base. I know it will be something that they NEVER forget. They got to see a giant plane lane carrying hundreds who had served back home. They got to see the local motorcycle color guard line the tarmac for them to walk through. They had donuts and treats while they waited. Finally the plane landed and Jason being the gentleman that he is let just about everyone of the plane before him. Driving poor Heidi nuts. They were both interviewed by several local TV stations. You can access the interviews at KSL.com, they aired on Saturday. My kids swear that Jason got bigger and taller while he was in Iraq. Whatever, we are all just glad that he is home and safe.

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Danean said...

I loved the pics of Jason coming home!! We are glad he is home safe!!