Up another belt

Hayden is progressing nicely in Karate. This week he earned his brown with a yellow stripe. Most of the time he loves going. Okay, he doesn't like being told it is time for karate (because it cuts in to his computer and friend time) but, once he is there he loves it and he is always glad he went. I guess when you are ten 2 times a week seems like a lot. Oh well we are building his character.


Trail Run

The kids don't know it but we are trying to go to Disneyland later next week. We had Cam and Alex here this weekend and went to Hollywood connection for "something fun" to do. There were rides and Sabrina wanted to go on ALL of them. We know she loves the carousel, but she went on things that went high and spun and she was really mad she wasn't allowed on the little roller coaster. Needless to say the think Disneyland is going to be a blast.



The first day the temperature was close to 50 degrees Gavin BEGGED to head to the park. Since the sun was out I agreed. You would think it had been "forever" since we had been there. I guess to a 5 year old 4 months would seem like forever. He and Sabrina had a good time rediscovering all it had to offer. Sabrina LOVED the rock wall, monkey that she is. She also has NO FEAR. Follows brother anywhere. If he does the big rocket side so does she. Towards the end the wind picked up as a storm was moving in but after being there over an hour I was ready to be done so that's ok. I am sure we will be there plenty this year.


2nd in STATE!!!

Jared's final competition of the season was State. This was by far the BIGGEST of the year. He has only been working all of the boys events about 7 months and he did VERY well. 6th on vault, 5th on floor and 2nd in parallel bars. He had a very good time. He is very excited to do better next year and is trying to go from a level 4 (his current level) to a level 6 in time for next season. He has his eye on switching to a more competitive gym but we will have to see. It would mean a bigger commitment both on his side and ours.


She is such a GIRL

Sabrina LOVES to pick out which "pretty" she is going wear for the day. Today it is "curlies". She also wanted "hot". That translates to, "use the curling iron please mom". Her outfit isn't complete until I paint her nails to match and give her a touch of lip gloss. (isn't she getting big?)
* side note- the other day I left before doing her nails and she was with Daddy, who "lost track of her for only a FEW moment", and she got the stoll went to where I hide the polish and DID THEM HERSELF. What color did she chose??? DARK BLUE. It was all over the tile of the tub and my light tan towels. No, I didn't take pictures. I was to angry nobody was watching her and I was thanking heaven above there was none on her clothes or the carpet. That and I am out of blogging practice, I will get better.


Utah, this is the place!!!

That is the name of the fourth grade program Hayden was in this past week. He was really lucky because not only did Mom and Dad get to see this program but, Grandma, Auntie Rachel, Kelly and Lauren too. He worked really hard learning play the recorder, as well as, learning sign language for one of the songs. I want thank Jen and Peter for watching the rest of the kids, finishing getting dinner ready and basically holding down the fort so we could go.


SNOW much Fun!!!

I know I have been a slacker when it come to blogging lately. I am really going to work on doing better. Last week we had LOTS of cousins come to town, Jen and the kids were in from California, as well as, Rachel, Steve and the girls from Boston. My kids were over the moon. I don't think it was because they got to miss school but just to see family. It is so much fun watching our kids grow up together and LOVE just being with each other. Jen and the kids stayed here and had a GIANORMUS (Gavin's favorite word) sleepover in the basement every night. One day we took the kids up to Park City to visit Rachel and her girls and the kids went sledding on the hill behind her condo. They LOVED it. It was fun to hear the kids (and Jen) squeal on their way down the hill. I wish I had some photos but my lens isn't BIG enough. Maybe if Rachel send me some (hint, hint) it will be able to post them. Grandma was there too. She played with Sabrina in the snow and snuggled her to help her warm. They both LOVED that.



Looks like spring, huh? Yesterday the kids had on short sleeves and this morning this is what we woke up to. Though Owen was ECSTATIC, he went snow-mobiling for "work". And I know Steve will be jumping up and down since they are coming into town for their skiing trip (20+ inches of fresh powder in the mountains with more on the way). Well, that is spring in Utah for you.
- in case you were wondering it is still snowing!!


It is a LOOK

What do you think??? It was 20 degrees out and Sabrina would NOT keep her pants on and she wanted to play outside. When I told her it was cold and she needed shoes. She put on Gavin's (on the wrong feet) and ONE glove. She looks ready for some playtime outside in the cold, right??