SNOW much Fun!!!

I know I have been a slacker when it come to blogging lately. I am really going to work on doing better. Last week we had LOTS of cousins come to town, Jen and the kids were in from California, as well as, Rachel, Steve and the girls from Boston. My kids were over the moon. I don't think it was because they got to miss school but just to see family. It is so much fun watching our kids grow up together and LOVE just being with each other. Jen and the kids stayed here and had a GIANORMUS (Gavin's favorite word) sleepover in the basement every night. One day we took the kids up to Park City to visit Rachel and her girls and the kids went sledding on the hill behind her condo. They LOVED it. It was fun to hear the kids (and Jen) squeal on their way down the hill. I wish I had some photos but my lens isn't BIG enough. Maybe if Rachel send me some (hint, hint) it will be able to post them. Grandma was there too. She played with Sabrina in the snow and snuggled her to help her warm. They both LOVED that.

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