The answer is...

ME!!! Most of you guessed right. I was thinking that most people would guess Sabrina. I think I FINALLY have a baby that looks like me.

Thanks for playing. I hope you come back for another visit and game soon.


Flashback Friday 1.30.09

It is time once again to play "Which Baby Is It???" Though it should be a little easier since it is wearing a dress. Leave me a comment with your guess then come back tomorrow to find out if you guessed right.

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This is what happens

when you give Sabrina a quarter of a banana that was not cut up and you turn your back. YEP you guessed it those cheeks are FULL of the afore mentioned banana.

Can't you just hear her thinking, " WHAT???? What did I do??"


Owen's perfect winter day

Owen took the kids and a friend of Jared's up to Snowbird for the day. He loves that the 3 big one are all good enough that they take off and ski on their own.

Jared is on the BIG hills. for those of you that ski speak he does the BLUE runs. Hayden will get to join him the next time they go up. I have a feeling that Jillian will be on skiing the big hills by the end of this season as well. Owen says that Jillian shows get potential. She really likes the jumps. Jared is all speed and no fineness, he ROCKETS down the mountain. Hayden's skiing is calculated and skillful, just as he is with everything else. When I ask Hayden about his day though he always taks about the people he meets on the lifts not his skiing.

Next time Owen is ready to take Gavin and get him started. That leaves me at home with only ONE. YIPPEEE. Don't tell him but I think I am getting the better end of this deal.


Do you think ...

this taking cleaning your plate to far???



Hard to believe that goofy girl in the glasses has turned into this beautiful girl. Sometimes it is difficult for me to wrap my brain around the fact that I help create this BEAUTIFUL, intelligent, spirited, sassy girl.

Aren't her dimples so cute?? And as I have said before I just LOVE those freckles on her nose. (God's angels just love to kiss her)


Flashback Friday 1.16.09

Sometimes you just need to remember why they make you smile. This is Jilli in March 2005. I love the natural curl in her piggy tails and her baby toothed grin. Man, she is growing up way to fast.

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A rare photo

of all of us together. Thanks Rachel. I love the kids bright pink cheeks. They had spent the afternoon sledding down our hill with their cousin. Glad we had a ton of snow right before they all came to town.


HAppY BiRthDaY MegHaN!!!!

Today is my sisters birthday. I am sad every year that I am unable to spend the day with her. This year I am glad she has some more special than me to spend her day with. Meghan. I hope you get everything you wish for and have a great day.

Know that we are all thinking of you and wishing you the best and sending our love. LUV YOU Bubbula.


I'm sorry

I know that things have been slow here on the blog. But the kids are off track. For those of you who are not on year round school. That means I have the pleasure of spending 5 1/2 weeks, in the middle of winter, at home with my kids. Did I mention that the warmest it has been here lately is 30 degrees? So finding out door activities to work off their excess energy has been tough. Needless to say the most exciting thing that we did last week was go to the Library. And I haven't gotten the camera out just to catch them being normal. I guess I needed a little break.

So I am apologizing for not giving you things to see and read. I will try harder this week.


Sleding and Hanging out

Here are some photos from Owen and the kids having fun with family up at Grandpa Phillips. Great Grandpa Phillips and Grandpa Pete made a giant sled hill in the field behind the house. ALL of the cousins had a blast. It will definitely be one one the kids best memories.


1 Year old Stats

We just got home from Sabrina's 1 year check up. She is perfect, but we already knew that. As for her current stats she weighs 14 lbs 2 oz and is 27 inches long. YEP, she is petite. Almost 2 pounds littler than the other kids at this point. But the doctor said she is growing just fine. Though she did say that she is about the size of a normal 6 month old and that she should stay facing backwards in the car seat a while longer.

Things to note about Sabrina at 1 year old:
* she is standing very well on her own and took one step to Mom yesterday!!!
* likes to eat standing up (I now know why they have 5 point harness in high chair)
* LOVES to dance to Chicken Fried by Zac Brown Band
* has begun pulling out hair pretties and ends up looking like Bozo the clown (see above)
* knows how to do the stairs VERY well up and down
* like bubble baths and tries to eat bubbles
* sleeps about 6 hours straight at night but goes right back to sleep after bottle
* says Mama, dada, nigh-night, waves bye and signs more and all done
* loves bananas, peaches and mandarin oranges
* still prefers mommy :0)