Owen's perfect winter day

Owen took the kids and a friend of Jared's up to Snowbird for the day. He loves that the 3 big one are all good enough that they take off and ski on their own.

Jared is on the BIG hills. for those of you that ski speak he does the BLUE runs. Hayden will get to join him the next time they go up. I have a feeling that Jillian will be on skiing the big hills by the end of this season as well. Owen says that Jillian shows get potential. She really likes the jumps. Jared is all speed and no fineness, he ROCKETS down the mountain. Hayden's skiing is calculated and skillful, just as he is with everything else. When I ask Hayden about his day though he always taks about the people he meets on the lifts not his skiing.

Next time Owen is ready to take Gavin and get him started. That leaves me at home with only ONE. YIPPEEE. Don't tell him but I think I am getting the better end of this deal.

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Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

My little one snowboards! He loves it and is finally going down the big ones... :)

I love that they do that...so much fun!