Showing His Moves

The kids school did a dance festival at the park. Each grade performed a dance. it was really nice to be able to watch all three kids at one performace. I know I shouldn't say but Hayden's class ROCKED. I was also lucky that he was dancing in the front row, right in front of me so I was able to get a good video to share. ( Hayden in the one in the center of the screen in the BLUE shirt)

I think Gavin did good, his teacher put him in the back row so I can only guess actually how well he did. I told him he was fabulous. I was able to see a peek or two of Jillian. She was dancing behind her best friend Jacob, who I love, but is bigger than me. Maybe next year the teachers will plan better and put the small kids in the front.


Self Inflicted Black Eye

Yep, when you are a 12 year old boy and you think you can show off for you 15 year old cousin, you end up giving yourself a black eye. Pretty impressive, huh?


Recovering for New Year's

I guess last night was a little to much for both of them.


Totally Gutted

Yep, nothing left of the bathroom or CLOSET. Hopefully, in the next week or so we will start putting humpty dumpty back together again. But it could be longer than anyone thinks.


To cute...

Not to post.

I know I have mentioned that I am flunking as a blogger. This is one of the only cute pictures we took while we were visiting California. But on a good note, I found the charger for my camera so my goal is to try to start using it.


Carving 2010

Okay, it is official I stink as a blogger and a mom. We carved pumpkins but I didn't take pictures of them all together or lit up. I didn't take pictures of the kids in their costumes. But I can tell you that they had fun trick or treating despite the rain. Everyone has at least ONE large Ziploc full of candy.

On a side note, yes, Jillian has a brace on her right arm. Nothing is broken. It is just a sprain I know that it must have happened playing football, she just doesn't know exactly when. So she will be in the brace for about 2 weeks. Why is it that the two times I have been to the ER it has been for my girls? I thought it was the boys I was going to have to worry about.


Kids on a cart

For now this is the only picture I have of any of us from Meghan and Adam's wedding. This was after the wedding while we were waiting for the van. I was very proud of how good the kids were the entire weekend. As soon as Meghan get home from their honeymoon I am hoping she will be able to send us some more pictures. It was a very BEAUTIFUL. I forgot to ask the photographers to take a picture of just our family. Oh well, the day wasn't about us. Just looking at this picture I can not believe how big the kids are all getting.