Flashback Friday 09.26.08

Hayden in 2003, he isn't pretending he is totally asleep. This is an example of genetics at work. This is how Owen sleeps, especially for naps. More than once I have found Hayden, as well as the other boys, sleeping in this position. It is hard for me to look at this an think that he was only 3 at the time this was taken. You can see the baby pug on his arms. Where did the time go?

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More while Mom's away...

the kids will break the rules. Owen just explained to me about these photos on the camera from while I was gone as well. You see these two children we running in the house(not allowed) and sliding on the wood floor(really not allowed). Both of them hurt themselves ,within moments of each other. I am not sure which was hurt first, but you have thought one getting hurt would have made the other stop.
Well, at least Owen really did break our number one rule: Don't BREAK the kids. Which has now been modified to Don't break or severely damage the kids. I will have to share the story behind the modification on another day. As mom I know that living injury free is impossible. So except for a few bumps and bruises the kids had a great time while I was away and I really need to do that more often.
So Dad if you want to be then rule breaker and be willing to have all of the KIDS then okay as long as I get to have alone time I guess that is a small price to pay.


Being Lazy

I found this photo on the camera from the day that I was in California. It made me laugh. Who is being more lazy. Sabrina, who can totally hold her own bottle. Or Jared, who is barley holding the bottle while actually trying to pay more attention to the TV than his little sister?

Well ,which one did you guess??

You are wrong. The answer is OWEN. The dad who has pawned off bottle duty to his kid so that he could take pictures of them instead.

Love you Honey.


And she's OFF...

Yep... She is crawling. Of course she finally figured it out while Mommy was away a 16 whole hours. Isn't always the way that it happens. You turn your back and they do something cute or learn a new skill. Though Owen says that she was still doing the inch worm thing on Saturday while I was gone, I know he he lying to make me feel better. (He is good to me that way.)

She isn't fast yet and she only does it from time to time. But I know that within a week I am going to need to get a gate for the top of the stairs. And now I am going to turn in to a Floor Natzi trying to get my other kids to keep things off the floor that Sabrina could choke on. Also we are going to have to sweep and mop almost every day. YIPPEE, like I don't have enough to do already. Oh wait, I have 3 big kids and 1 little one they can do it or at least help. I knew I had a lot of kids for a reason.

By the way, did you notice how she sticks her tongue out while she is crawling she get that from her Auntie Meghan. She always concentrated better at gymnastics when her tongue was out. No Sabrina need her out when she is working hard too. Hopefully as she gets better at it her tongue will go back in her mouth. Though it is pretty cute.


And then there were 2

This is me attempting to get a picture of Sabrina's TWO new teeth. If you look really hard you can see the white poking out of her gums. Let me tell you it is very hard to get a 8 1/2 month old to open her mouth and show her new teeth, no matter how excited her mommy is. She was way more interested in trying to get a hold of my camera. But she is cute so I will let it slide.


Flashback Friday 9.19.08

This Friday we are going all the way back to 1994. This photo is from fall of 1994. This was the year that Owen and I moved to Salt Lake City together. The reason that I chose this picture this week is today is my husband's 40th birthday. I have to say this picture could have been taken this fall the only thing that is different about how he looks is that he now wears glasses. Otherwise he hasn't aged a day.

He is excited to be turning 40. He is growing out is goatee so that he can see how much grey hair is in it. There are times I joke that he is my sixth kid. Actually, one of the things I love about him is the fact he plays so well with our kids. He is a great dad. I am always amazed at how he tricks the kids into doing work by making it fun. That is a skill I need to work on. I am really looking forward to the next 40 years with him, because as he knows he is stuck with me for life.

Happy Birthday honey.

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Adventures at Lagoon

For Jared's birthday he wanted to go to Lagoon. Utah's amusement park, for those of you in California think Magic Mountain on a MUCH smaller scale. Jared has wanted to go there for the past few summers. The only draw back for Lagoon is that for all of the good rides you have to be 51 inches. This was the year that he finally made that mile stone, but as you can see he was stretching out every centimeter. Can you see the look of elation on his face as he is going on the first ride.
He and his friends had a blast. They were at the park from the time that it opened til they shut the rides down. Yes, a 12 hour day at the park. Looking at they pictures it looks like Jared got to take 2 of his friends and Owen got to take 2 of his friends. You know when they were leaving I kept wondering who was going to end up having more fun. As you can tell from the last picture everyone was wiped out.
Oh and a side note the first picture is of the 2 pouty kids that got left at home with Mom who weren't going to get to have ANY fun. They are no where near big enough to go on anything but the baby rides but they didn't want to be left. OH well one day it will be there turn.



I think that I was tagged by Hatsuho. She did so because my name starts with an "S". I think that is profiling but I could be wrong. I have never done one of these so hopefully those of you that are reading will learn something interesting.

I usually: am thinking about my family.
I search: for yummy recipes online.
I wonder: if I will ever get my house clean.
I regret: not getting a college degree. Though I my defense I didn't know what I wanted to be until I was 30. One day I will go back because once the kids are bigger I want to be a Labor & Delivery Nurse.
I love: blogging, my new favorite pastime.
I care: what my children are becoming .
I always: want more cake.
I worry: that something bad will happen to Owen.
I am not: tall or skinny.
I remember: everything, Owen often hates that I recall things he considers trivial.
I believe: it the power of LOVE.
I dance: when nobody is looking.
I sing: in the car loudly and probably badly. You would have to ask my kids.
I don't always: tell Owen when I have been shopping.
I argue: with Owen over politics. That's why we don't talk about them.
I win: at the parking spot game. I always get a great spot even during the Christmas shopping rush.
I lose: weight, or at least I am trying my hardest.
I wish: Money were no object.
I listen: to my friends.
I don't understand: why people are mean.
I can usually be found: in the kitchen or on the computer.
I am scared of: scary movies.
I need: to be wanted and included.
I am happy: when my kids and Owen are happy.

I don't know who I reading my blog because I think everyone is a lurker since I rarely get comments. So if you are reading this and think it would be fun consider yourself tagged.


LasT bABy'S FirSt ToOTh

Sabrina has her first tooth. I am going to try to get a picture later but Owen took the camera with him to Lagoon with Jared. I know it is only the edge of the tooth but it is clearly though. The one right next to it will probably break in the next day or so as well. Yeah teething is so much fun .


Flashbach Friday 9.12.08

November 2003, I let go of the spoon and let big girl Jilli do it herself. But if you look close it is only on her face, not her clothes, not her hands, not even on the high chair. Man does my girl love her some chocolate pudding.

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AAHHHH the end of summer

So you know it is the end of summer when they close the pool at Heidi and Jason's. Good thing they keep the hot tub open year round the kids can at least still get wet when we go there. It isn't as much fun but it is better than nothing. Besides when the buy a house we won't get to swim at all. I guess that means the kids will no longer want to go to Heidi's house. Yeah right!!!


Happy 10th Jared

Dear Jared,
It is so hard for me to believe that I am a mom to a ten year old. It seems like just yesterday I was calling Dad to tell him to come home to drive me to the hospital. You are the child that made me a mom. I remember the first time Dad looked at you and he started to cry, (though he would hate that I shared that).
You a a great son and an even better brother. I cannot imagine anyone else as my oldest child, you fit the role perfectly. It is amazing for me to watch you with your brothers and sisters and see the special relationship you have with each of them.
You are growing into such a wonderful boy. I love how you are always kind to others and think of other feelings. I love how you always strive to include everyone. Teachers have always said how you are friends with everyone.
Jared you have a wonderful spirit and I am going to try harder to be a better example for you. Though I may not tell you often enough I a proud of you every day and love you more with each passing moment.
Happy Birthday



Just a few picture of our Sunday trip to the park. We really should do it more often. The weather was perfect. We went just after dinner just to get ride of some of the kids energy and then to top things off we took them for Sunday ice cream. I think the kids are liking getting treats on Sunday. I guess it will become a family tradition. I think I will just have to limit treats during the week.


Flashback Friday 9.5.08

This week we are flashing all the way back to 1998. That incredible small lump of love is my oldest son Jared. This coming Tuesday he is going to be 10. I am having a hard time accepting that I have been a parent for a DECADE. Man if I knew then what I know now. Then I couldn't even believe I was a mom and that God and the people at the hospital let me take this precious gift home. Come back on Tuesday to see more of my oldest son.

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Believe it or not she looks WORSE today. It has spread from her body to all over her face, head, arms and legs. I took her to the doctor and she said that she thinks it is a severe case of hives. She isn't sure if it is viral or an allergic reaction to something. Sabrina had blood work done and we may know more tomorrow. Or we may never know. For now she is on super benadril. And she is acting pretty normal and happy.