Family Hike

Since it felt weird not to be going out of town for the long weekend we decided to take the kids up to Mirror Lake in the Unita Mountains for a hike. To get out of dodge so to speak. The weather was perfect. The clam before the storm we were expecting. It truly felt like fall was in the air. It was so cool out that when we got out to hike Bald Mountain we had to put on sweatshirts. Mommy was totally happy.

We also took the time to visit John and Nicole. It has been FOREVER since I was up there. There is not a space in the house that is the same since the last time I was there. They have done such a great job. I think that I am going to talk Owen into asking John if we can hire him to redesign the deck and maybe even give me ideas for the kitchen. If I ask for the moon maybe I will get one.


Danean said...

Ahhh.. your killing me here. I miss the beauty of Utah and the cuteness of the kids!!!

Shelle said...

your family is so cute! I seriously loved watching the slide shows...It makes me home sick...I loved living up north, but am stuck down here in southern Utah until my husband is done with school!

Our Crazy Happy Family said...

Greetings from NC...visiting from BATW...what a fun trip! Your family is beautiful!