Adventures at Lagoon

For Jared's birthday he wanted to go to Lagoon. Utah's amusement park, for those of you in California think Magic Mountain on a MUCH smaller scale. Jared has wanted to go there for the past few summers. The only draw back for Lagoon is that for all of the good rides you have to be 51 inches. This was the year that he finally made that mile stone, but as you can see he was stretching out every centimeter. Can you see the look of elation on his face as he is going on the first ride.
He and his friends had a blast. They were at the park from the time that it opened til they shut the rides down. Yes, a 12 hour day at the park. Looking at they pictures it looks like Jared got to take 2 of his friends and Owen got to take 2 of his friends. You know when they were leaving I kept wondering who was going to end up having more fun. As you can tell from the last picture everyone was wiped out.
Oh and a side note the first picture is of the 2 pouty kids that got left at home with Mom who weren't going to get to have ANY fun. They are no where near big enough to go on anything but the baby rides but they didn't want to be left. OH well one day it will be there turn.


Kelly said...

What a great day for him!!! I love that picture of him after he knew he would finally be able to ride!!

Happy Birthday!

Shannon said...

Fun day!

We have a local amusement park here... just went a few weeks ago. My 5 year old did not enjoy herself as much as she did last year... she is really too old for the "kiddie" rides but she's not tall enough for the bumper cars, swings, roller coaster... oh well, maybe next year!

Mercy said...

Well written article.