I think that I was tagged by Hatsuho. She did so because my name starts with an "S". I think that is profiling but I could be wrong. I have never done one of these so hopefully those of you that are reading will learn something interesting.

I usually: am thinking about my family.
I search: for yummy recipes online.
I wonder: if I will ever get my house clean.
I regret: not getting a college degree. Though I my defense I didn't know what I wanted to be until I was 30. One day I will go back because once the kids are bigger I want to be a Labor & Delivery Nurse.
I love: blogging, my new favorite pastime.
I care: what my children are becoming .
I always: want more cake.
I worry: that something bad will happen to Owen.
I am not: tall or skinny.
I remember: everything, Owen often hates that I recall things he considers trivial.
I believe: it the power of LOVE.
I dance: when nobody is looking.
I sing: in the car loudly and probably badly. You would have to ask my kids.
I don't always: tell Owen when I have been shopping.
I argue: with Owen over politics. That's why we don't talk about them.
I win: at the parking spot game. I always get a great spot even during the Christmas shopping rush.
I lose: weight, or at least I am trying my hardest.
I wish: Money were no object.
I listen: to my friends.
I don't understand: why people are mean.
I can usually be found: in the kitchen or on the computer.
I am scared of: scary movies.
I need: to be wanted and included.
I am happy: when my kids and Owen are happy.

I don't know who I reading my blog because I think everyone is a lurker since I rarely get comments. So if you are reading this and think it would be fun consider yourself tagged.


Kelly said...

I'm always lurking, but not always commenting...probably due to the fact that it's usually well past midnight and my brain cells are all dead!!

Just wanted to tell ya I'm here............

Debbie said...

I could answer ALOT of those questions the same way you did. I mean word for word. SCAREY! Did you change your background again??? I'm so out of it.

Hatsuho said...

you want to be an L&D nurse? That's awesome! All my friends who do that LOVE their job.