Cowabunga Dude!!!!

My friend Stacey called and said she was taking her boys over to the new water park that is up the street from our house. I was home alone with the kids so I decided to ditch the laundry and head over there with them. WE HAD A BLAST!! See the big twisty green one. GAVIN even did that one, by himself. They had a baby water side that I took Sabrina on she really like it and the lazy river. The rest LOVED everything. It was an AWESOME way to spend the day.


Gabrielle Ann Byars

I got to hold my VERY cute niece tonight. YIPEEE!!! She is so tiny she feels like one of mine. She is weighing in today at 5lbs 3oz and 18 1/2 inches. I never thought I would get to see the preemie clothes I bought for Sabrina on another baby. I have to said she still has that fresh from the oven smell. And I can tell that she totally loves her Aunt Shannon already. It is a good thing the I am broken because she almost made me forget that I already have FIVE at home.

Vegas Baby

Owen met us in Vegas so that I would not have to drive all the way home from California alone. We decided to spend the night there and do some exploring. We went to see so of the kid friendly sites. The kids loved see the boats at treasure island, though they really didn't like having to walk though the smokey building to get there. Then we were off to Circus Circus. Which was more kids friendly. They all got to ride a few things and just look around. Hayden went on a Sponge Bob ride, Jared the GIANT roller coaster, Jillian the bungee trampoline and Gavin the froggy hop. Sabrina just window shopped with dad. She loved the Mr. Fuzzy. I am glad we took the time to see if this would work but one night was MORE than enough. We decided Vegas really isn't all that FAMILY friendly next time we will just keep on driving.


Bird Watching

Papa and Sabrina watching the birds out front of his house. What you miss is he is tell her about the birds and she is yammering back at him. They sat out there together for the longest time. It was very sweet.


Park with Nana & Papa

Yep, Back in California. Owen had to work ALL week up in Idaho so I decided I would rather spend the week at Jen's with cousins than be at home alone with the 5 kids. Then day after we drove the 10 hours to get here. I plunked the kids back into the car for a quick 2 hour trip into the Marina so we could spent the afternoon with Nana and Papa.
The kids had a great time eating pizza for lunch. Then time running around at the park. Of course, they got ice cream from the ice cream man because grandparents NEVER say no to ice cream. Sabrina and I were suppose to share but I have discovered she doesn't share treats. Oh well, I did really need any anyways.


Jilli's turn

Yep, another year end program. As you can see, Jillian was an alligator in the 1st grade program. She ROCKED it. She was definitely the BEST alligator in the bunch, if I do say so myself.


Gavin Sings

Yesterday was Gavin's year end program. I thought those of you who don't live close by would like to share in our experience. (Don't forget to to push pause on the playlist on my side bar so you can have the FULL experience)


Oh what a talent

I went to Hayden's third grade talent show. You want to know what my son's chose to show?? His talent is untangling chords. Yep, as you can see he had a massive wad of tangled up chords and he had it all undone in about 4 minutes. There were 7 chords total. As a bonus he has been designated class cord undoer and get to undo a mass of chords for his teacher before the last day of school. I could not be prouder.


LOVIN' hand me downs!!!!

Thanx Auntie Rachel, by way of Auntie Heidi. Sabrina is totally styling today in her Adidas track suit complete with pink tennis shoes. Thanks for sharing your way cute clothes. I know how fun it is seeing a counsin in clothes your kids have worn and out grown. It gives them new life.


From Orange to Purple

Hayden has advanced another belt in Karate. Can you see how proud he is?? He loves Karate and is excited to be doing a Sword camp this summer. He loved showing off for his dad and baby sister.


Airshow 2009

Hill Air Force Base had an open house and airshow this weekend. We loaded up the kids and headed over so the kids could see what Uncle Jason did up close. It was fun. They had all kinds of planes and helicopters you could get up close and personal with. The kids even went inside a few of them. They also had the Thunderbirds there. When we chose to sit was right where they were getting ready and when the female pilot came out Jared talked to her. Yep, my son is GIRL crazy.