Park with Nana & Papa

Yep, Back in California. Owen had to work ALL week up in Idaho so I decided I would rather spend the week at Jen's with cousins than be at home alone with the 5 kids. Then day after we drove the 10 hours to get here. I plunked the kids back into the car for a quick 2 hour trip into the Marina so we could spent the afternoon with Nana and Papa.
The kids had a great time eating pizza for lunch. Then time running around at the park. Of course, they got ice cream from the ice cream man because grandparents NEVER say no to ice cream. Sabrina and I were suppose to share but I have discovered she doesn't share treats. Oh well, I did really need any anyways.

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Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Oh I LOVE marina's!!! I love your photos... your kids are a dorable!!!