Halloween Foto Fiesta 10.31.08

SO this year we have an Air Force Military security man, a Karate Fighter, a Mouse and a Witch and her Black Cat. We had to take the picture inside because the kids were up so early that it was still dark outside. Though here it stays dark til almost 8:30am. I cannot wait to change the clocks this weekend, even if it will mess with Sabrina. Hopefully it won't take to long to fix her clock.

I hope that everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween. Hope everyone survives their sugar comas.

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thE JaCKs aRE HerE

Last night was our pumpkin carving night. Oh do I want to kiss the person who invented the safe for kids to use carving kits. It makes it so that it really is a kid event. The kids barely needed any help carving their own jack-o-lanterns. We were able to sit back and watch them. They did everything drawing the faces, cleaning the guts and carving.

As you can see Sabrina even tried to help. But all she really wanted to do was try to eat the seeds. You would have thought the slimmy pumpkin guts would have deterred her but no. It was a fun family night. The kids can hardly wait for Friday.


Sleeping Chronicals Part 3

So, he isn't anxious for Halloween, is he???


She can stand up...

...But she can not get down. So she has fallen asleep, STANDING. Then her legs start to give out and it scares her, so she she starts to cry until she falls back asleep, still standing.
She did this yesterday, then I was a good mom and only worried about how she might hurt herself and I laid her right down. Only after did I think, darn I should have grabbed the camera first. Well, being the good girl she is she did it again tonight so I could share it with you. I think the picture turned out good since I was shooting, literally, in the dark.


Flashback Friday 10.24.08

This is Jillian in October 2004. This is the first year she took care of gutting her own pumpkin. As you can see she took it very seriously. I love the soft curls around her shoulders as she is working. And just so you know, yes, I always make the kids take off their shirts when they get to work on the pumpkins. I hate trying to get the guts out of the clothes.

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Look what she can do

So I went in the kitchen to get Gavin breakfast, I sat Sabrina on the living room rug to play. All I did was get out the bowl, cereal, milk and the poured it. When I walk back into the living room Sabrina was up past the landing on the stairs. ALL BY HERSELF!!!

So like a good mom I put her back on the floor and ran and got the camera. Oh no we are in trouble now.


While the parents are way...

AS promised here are some pictures of while Owen and I were out of town. As you can tell the kids really missed us. NOT. They didn't want us to come home. I am not sure how to take that. Either they have way to much fun with Heidi and Jason or they don't love us as much them. I think I am going to go with the first option. Because if it the second I want to live in denial.

Thanks again to Heidi and Jason for watching ALLL the kids so we could go to California.


Flashback Friday 10.17.08

So this is a flashback to October 17, 2001, this is the first time Jared got to hold his new baby sister. Look at the look of love and delight on Jared's face. Doesn't Owen look proud, too? I took this photo out of a video of them coming to visit me and Jillian in the hospital. It is so amazing to watch it takes you right back to the moment. I remember thinking how much Owen and my lives had changed in the ten years since he first told me that he loved me.

I have some really fun photos of the kids from last weekend when Heidi and Jason where in charge so be sure to stop by tomorrow.

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Happy Birthday Bean

It is hard for me to believe that you are 7 today. It seems like just yesterday I was waiting for my little girl to FINALLY get here. I could hardly believe I was getting a girl. You are such a wonderful sister, both big and little. My sandwich girl, right in the middle of everything. I know that you just love being a big sister to Sabrina and very day you are glad she is growing so that she can have girlfriend time you. I just hope you remember this as she grows and starts to get in your hair.
I hope that you have a fabulous day.
I love you.



After 24 years of living in sin. My mom and Tom got married on Sunday. The wedding was beautiful. It was exactly as they wanted it. Of course, the food was FANTASTIC. Owen & I didn't take very many pictures but here are a few.


The Beauty of Fall

I know that fall is normally about the colors the trees turn but here is Sandy it has been to mild for that to have even started yet. As I was driving home on Thursday I saw these beautiful fall flowers in the neighbors yard so I stopped to snap some pictures. The forecast was for SNOW this weekend so I don't think they they survived. I hope that the leaves will change colors and not just die and fall off. I guess I will just have to wait and see.



One short car ride can equal two much needed naps.


Flashback Friday 10.10.08

This week journey with me to October 2002. Jillian was turning one. Could she be any cuter??? Looking at her then I can see that Sabrina looks a lot like her big sis.

Jillian will be celebrating her 7th birthday next week so I wanted to take a moment to remember her when she was little. I have love having MY girl. I love watching her be a big sister. Come back later next week to see more cute photos of the Bean.

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Look what I can do. Crawling, Check. Pulling up on things, Check. Taking over, Next.
I know that everyone in the family is waiting for this same photo but naked. I will work on getting it next week. But I had to Sabrina's accomplishment for today. Doesn't she look proud??? Of course, in the next few minutes she was mad because she couldn't get down. Mean Mommy that I am I let her figure it out.

**Owen are you happy, I posted something new today.***



So I have all these wonderful people stop by for a Blog Around the World and I chose today of all days to ignore my computer til 9pm tonight.

I want to take a moment to thank you all for leaving me lots of love. I am going to to visit each and everyone of you to thank you personally. SO if you will come back soon I am going to keep my camera in my pocket from now on so I don't have any excuse not to have some thing funny or cute or even just boring. But I will have something.

So please come by again. I loved having you all even if I didn't know you were coming. And let me know if you accidentally left something behind.


I am a BAD blogger

You see this weekend Uncle Wally and his son Dane came in town. We all went up to Logan and hung out at Aunt Andi and Uncle Shannon's house. We had the best time. But you know what we forgot to do. We forgot to get the camera out. Yep, we suck. Okay maybe I just suck, since Owen was out cooking part of dinner while I was just visiting.

So while I am able to write about how much fun we had and how cute the kids were all playing together and I can also tell you the dinner was FABULOUS. I am unable to show you any of it since I didn't get out the camera.

I will try to do better.


Flashback Friday 10.03.08

We aren't going to far back this week just to 2003. It isn't a perfect shot but I just love the look and grin on the Bean's face. Jared looks like he is saying something smart and Hayden is just wanting me to finish. What a cute little family I had. I remember my mom, thinking and saying," 2 boys and a girl. Aren't you glad you are done?" Little did she know. By the way, doesn't Owen look proud?

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Going on a WITCH hunt

There is a totally cute shopping place that has a fun Halloween witch scavenger hunt that is close by. It is made up of old pioneer homes that they have turned into shops. When you find all of the witches on the list you get a cookie from the bakery. The kids thought it was a lot of fun. And thanked me for getting them out of the house.