Flashback Friday 10.03.08

We aren't going to far back this week just to 2003. It isn't a perfect shot but I just love the look and grin on the Bean's face. Jared looks like he is saying something smart and Hayden is just wanting me to finish. What a cute little family I had. I remember my mom, thinking and saying," 2 boys and a girl. Aren't you glad you are done?" Little did she know. By the way, doesn't Owen look proud?

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Shannon said...

Aw, it is a pic of a cute little family :)

Love the Halloween look!

Michelle said...

Can you even remember what you did when you only had 3 kids?

Jennifer P. said...

Look at that photo and the one in the sidebar---my! what a difference a few years makes! Everyone got so BIG :)!

Hey! Love from BATW today!