Going on a WITCH hunt

There is a totally cute shopping place that has a fun Halloween witch scavenger hunt that is close by. It is made up of old pioneer homes that they have turned into shops. When you find all of the witches on the list you get a cookie from the bakery. The kids thought it was a lot of fun. And thanked me for getting them out of the house.


Matt's Miscellany said...

That is a cute little shop. I need to find a shop like that around Indy. Stacy would love it.

Thanks for the comment...I would agree that the 'egg' is probably more 'bean' than anything. Either way, it was a neat little adventure.

Di said...

Love love love your Fall photos of your children. Autumn is absolutely, hands down my favorite season. I think I own a hat like the green faced witch btw. Your daughter is adorable in that photo, almost looks a bit hesitant to sit by Witchy-Poo. Oh, now I must go shopping for more Halloween decorations today... see how hard you are on my wallet? Haha... And thanks for stopping by my blog over at The Blue Ridge Gal. Enjoy the Season... it only comes around once a year you know.

The BLue Ridge Gal

Brenda Jean said...

That is just too cute! That is such a neat idea too. The kids look like they are having a blast.

Tamie said...

you're gonna have to remind the name of that shopping center---i've heard that it is just so, so cute and fun (and it looks it too) i've never made it up there (i'm vising from BATW). we lived in provo for a while after we got hitched and then my in-laws all live in lehi and the surrounding areas--but we haven't been to utah in quite some time...you're just gonna have to remind me!

Blissful Babe said...

How much fun is *that*?
Found you on Blog Around the World!

Love your layout, btw!