MMMMM... Ice Cream

From these pictures you know that Dad was in charge because I am way to much of a control freak. I would have been wiping Sabrina's mouth after every bite. I don't think I would have let her even hold her own cone. AND I never would have taken a picture of Jilli with "rag-a-muffin" hair. Because I would not have wanted proof there are days that I let her go without her hair being done let alone without being brushed.


Benefits of older siblings

I may not have to potty train Sabrina.


Since Heidi hasn't started a blog

I feel like it is my duty to let you all see new pictures of her and Gabby. I can not believe how much Gabby has grown already. Heidi told me she weighed her yesterday on her scale at home it said the Gabby was up to NINE pounds. If she keeps growing at this rate she will pass up Sabrina before she is 6 months old. (as a reminder Sabrina is 18 months and 16 pounds)
I my opinion she looks like her Daddy, though I think she is going to have Heidi's eyes.


My Hubby loves me

Yesterday afternoon Andi called me and asked if I would like to go to the Kenny Chesney concert in a few hours. I really wanted to go but felt bad asking Owen to watch the kids since he had spent most of the week taking care of them and me since I had to have a minor procedure Tuesday. But he loves me so much he didn't even pause when I asked if I could go to the concert. Yep, he is awesome like that.

Kenny ROCKED!!!! I can understand why he has won entertainer of the year so many times. Me being the overexcited nerd that I am forgot to take my camera so, that is why for sharing all you get to see is my way cool new t-shirt. Thanks Andi for thinking of me when you had the extra ticket I had an amazing time rocking it out with you. Embarrassing Taylor was just an added bonus.


Fun With Dad

Owen was a little bugged by the last post because he thought it made it seem like he doesn't do things with the kids. Well the proof is that he does. He took the kids to the mall shopping one day while I was at class. It was right after the Lakers won the Championship, so he just HAD to have a new hat. So off he went with kids in tow to get one. The bribe for them to behave was a ride on the "roundy-round". As you can see those that went with him had a blast. Though I am still trying to figure out who was manning the camera while they were on the carousel.


A day at the musuem

Last Saturday Owen went to play golf and the kids were going stir crazy. So I loaded them up and took them to the Dinosaur museum. It was to hot to even think of doing anything outside. It has been a while since we had gone so the kids had a great time exploring. Sabrina didn't want to ride in her stroller so she really wore herself out. It was nice because we didn't have to try to see everything because we got a family membership to Thanksgiving Point so we can go whenever we want. It was fun to watch the big kids so and teach the little kids about what they were seeing.


Flashback Friday 7*17*09

I know it has been a really long time since I have done a Flashback and I am not really sure that this counts as I took this picture on Tuesday. But I LOVE this picture. When I was out front taking Sabrina's 18 month picture Jillian came out to help. When I was done the girls were just outside being together. Jillian asked Sabrina for a kiss and I was able to catch this great shot.

For more photo fun and a chance to see what others are taking pictures of head over to Candid Carrie.


18 months old... how can that be??

I can hardly believe Sabrina is 18 months old. She is changing every day it seems. She is talking up a storm. Well she is trying to copy what everyone is saying. Sabrina can say all her siblings names to some extent. The important thing is they know when she is thier name. I just love how she says thank you.
We went for her check up and as of now she weighs 16lbs 4 oz and is 30 inches long. Perfect and petite. She is also a climber. She is up on everything, the higher the better. She doesn't like her high chair any more and she wants to be at the big table with the rest of the kids. (looks like Autie Heidi is going to get the high chair sooner rather than later) For the most part she is finally sleeping through the night, YIPEE!!! Her favorite toys are the baby she got for her birthday from Andi and her Ellie. She cannot go to sleep with out her Ellie. I have never had a child so attached to something so young . It's very cute. The only down side to Ellie is the moment she snuggles her Sabrina puts her thumb into her mouth.


Boating on Bear Lake

This weekend Andi and Shannon invited us up to their cabin at Bear Lake. It is BEAUTIFUL. (Owen has the camera that has pictures of it and its view) We took the boat up so we would have something to share for the weekend. The lake is so clear and beautiful. Sabrina really wanted to get in the water. She love it. Every time I tried to take her out she cried and tried to get back in on her own. As you can see Owen was in charge of the camera, Sabrina really likes it when we go fast and she gets to sit in the front of the boat.


Yellow paint needed

So I think that I need to paint the van yellow and write TAXI on the side. I feel like all I am doing lately is running one of the kids somewhere; dance camp, karate camp, friends houses, doctor's appointments, scout camp. I have started looking at what the kids are going to be doing during the school year and I am not sure it is going to get any better. Oh well... just know that you will never be able to reach me at home cause I think I am going to be living in the van. Thank goodness for cell phones!!!


Rockin' 4th

Thanks to Heidi and Jason's military connection we got to go to the Jonas Brother's concert and 4th a July show. It was a girl's night out with Andi, Taylor and Jocelyn. It was Jillian's very first concert. She had a blast hanging out with the big girls and NO BROTHERS. She would not even let me get Hayden a t-shirt.
The show was great and we were right on the field. This show was broadcast to all of the military bases around the world. It was very patriotic. We even got to see them retire a ENORMOUS flag in fire. I think this may be an unforgettable 4th for the Bean.



It has been almost 18 months since we have taken out our boat. That is what happens when you crack your engine and need a new one. Yesterday was a perfect first day out. The weather was just right. We headed up to Willard Bay which we think is a great choice if family from up north ever wants to join us. They have great beach areas and covered picnic tables so we can take turns going out on the boat.
Hayden and Jillian both tried skiing. Hayden was able to get up and go for about 30 feet and Jilli almost got up on her try as well. Then we let the kids tube. Which they always love. As you can see from the photos the boat worked it magic and Sabrina took a nice nap. She also LOVES going fast feeling the wind in her hair.