My Hubby loves me

Yesterday afternoon Andi called me and asked if I would like to go to the Kenny Chesney concert in a few hours. I really wanted to go but felt bad asking Owen to watch the kids since he had spent most of the week taking care of them and me since I had to have a minor procedure Tuesday. But he loves me so much he didn't even pause when I asked if I could go to the concert. Yep, he is awesome like that.

Kenny ROCKED!!!! I can understand why he has won entertainer of the year so many times. Me being the overexcited nerd that I am forgot to take my camera so, that is why for sharing all you get to see is my way cool new t-shirt. Thanks Andi for thinking of me when you had the extra ticket I had an amazing time rocking it out with you. Embarrassing Taylor was just an added bonus.

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Danean said...

Yeah-- I'm sooooo jealous!!