18 months old... how can that be??

I can hardly believe Sabrina is 18 months old. She is changing every day it seems. She is talking up a storm. Well she is trying to copy what everyone is saying. Sabrina can say all her siblings names to some extent. The important thing is they know when she is thier name. I just love how she says thank you.
We went for her check up and as of now she weighs 16lbs 4 oz and is 30 inches long. Perfect and petite. She is also a climber. She is up on everything, the higher the better. She doesn't like her high chair any more and she wants to be at the big table with the rest of the kids. (looks like Autie Heidi is going to get the high chair sooner rather than later) For the most part she is finally sleeping through the night, YIPEE!!! Her favorite toys are the baby she got for her birthday from Andi and her Ellie. She cannot go to sleep with out her Ellie. I have never had a child so attached to something so young . It's very cute. The only down side to Ellie is the moment she snuggles her Sabrina puts her thumb into her mouth.


Teri said...

She is so beautiful! I love this age where they can mimic a lot of what you say even if they don't know exactly what it is you are saying. So cute.

CynthiaK said...

She is the cutest thing ever!