Where's Gavin???

When ever Gavin feels like he isn't getting the attention he needs he finds a place to hide.
Unfortunately, the other night we were all really focused on the Olympic Games. I suddenly realized it was really quiet for how many kids were awake. I did a quick head count ad realized that Gavin was "missing". After 15 minutes of ALL of us looking around the house in his usual hiding places this is where Owen found him.
YEP, underneath the main floor bathroom sink. Don't you think that nebulizer box looks like a comfortable pillow? And of course, beach towels are the perfect blanket.


Hayden's 10th Birthday

Hard to believe I have TWO kids now in double digits. I told them to smile or I would not let them eat any popcorn cake. There are moment like when Hayden tells me that he wants popcorn cake that I see that he is more like me than I think. He is patient, steadfast, smart, sometimes emotional and once he make a choice it is hard to get him to change his mind. We all went out for Chinese dinner, his choice. Then came home for cake and presents. He got a new bike, which is bigger than Jared, so of course it is better. He also got mancala and another game. He loves them both. We are going to be headed up to Logan to have another party this weekend ,as well as have some fun time with our cousins. All in all I think he would say he had a good birthday.


More skiing fun

All the kids had a great day with Owen and I wanted to share a few photos of their fun. The kid in the ALL black is Jared. The photo of them all was taken at the end of the day and I think they were all to tired to smile.


Skiing Day 1

Owen took the 4 big kids up to Deer Valley to ski. Jared, Hayden, and Jillian have been skiing for a while now and ALL are up on the "big" hill. Jared is doing the double blue square(whatever that means). Yesterday though was Gavin's very first day trying. Owen said he is a natural. Watch for yourself. Owen said he was FLYING down the hill, pretty much like Jared when we first strapped on skis to him. The video is kind of bumpy because Owen was trying to keep up with Gavin while skiing and video taping at the same time.


A new olympic sport???

Synchronized sleeping.
They are really cute when they are sleeping I have to say. It also makes for a nice few moments of quiet for me in the car.