Skiing Day 1

Owen took the 4 big kids up to Deer Valley to ski. Jared, Hayden, and Jillian have been skiing for a while now and ALL are up on the "big" hill. Jared is doing the double blue square(whatever that means). Yesterday though was Gavin's very first day trying. Owen said he is a natural. Watch for yourself. Owen said he was FLYING down the hill, pretty much like Jared when we first strapped on skis to him. The video is kind of bumpy because Owen was trying to keep up with Gavin while skiing and video taping at the same time.


Teri said...

What a fun video. Your son did an excellent job of skiing. I could could use some lessons from him. (I am NO good at skiing.) Cool stuff.

CynthiaK said...

Skiing is so much fun. And it's even more fun to watch kids enjoying it.