Planning Ahead

I have been really struggling to cook dinners. I was reading another blog and she talked about how she planned her meals out for any ENTIRE year. Well ,that seems like a little bit more than I could wrap my brain around. So I am just starting out by planning out for a month. Hopefully it will save on trips to the market which will in turn save us some money. Believe it or not I am glad not to have to think about what I am going to be making for dinner. I have put the calender up on our fridge (just like the school's lunch menu) so the kids know what's for dinner too. We will see if they have any complaints. They really shouldn't, as I asked each of them what their favorite meals were while I was making the calender. I would love some ideas for good dinners so I can start thinking about what to put on next month's calender.


Gold Metal Floor Routine

Jared went to his second gymnastic competition. He did great. He got 2 GOLD metals. He would have gotten more if he just would not put his hands down on his landings. Well, that give him something to work on as he prepares for the next one. His coach gave him some really good feedback and thinks as he keeps working Jared will do REALLY well if he decides to compete in STATE.


How many people does it take...

to fix a bathroom door. One Handy uncle, 5 kids and a dog. You can't see it but ALL of the kids were crammed into the bathroom to help John fix our bathroom door. Finally, you can have some privacy when you are in there. The kids were more than excited that Uncle John came by and hung out for a little while the other day. Poor guy was just bombarded while he was here. All of them wanted his time and attention. I think they really like him and wanted to let him know how much we miss him.


2 year stats of a Phillips kid

We went for Sabrina's 2 year check up and I wanted to post her stats:
Weight 18 pounds 2 ounces
Height 31 inches
Yep, she is a pip-squeak. Smaller than any of her siblings. And her 7 month old cousin is just 1 pound and 2 inches smaller. So basically Gabby will pass Sabrina up next month.
She is a talker. She loves telling me what the other kids are up to, in other words, she tattles. When the big kids are not around she is always asking me where they are. Sabrina is also FEARLESS. She will CLIMB anything. I can not tell you how many times I have gone down in the kitchen and she is up on the counter getting into things. Yep, I have to move the medicines from the upper cabinet or child proof it. She can wrap any male person around her little finger. And I really mean ANY male person. Though family loves her best, I have seen her work her magic on strangers. It is a site to behold and we are going to be in so MUCH trouble when she grows up. Though there are days I still can not believe I am a mother to FIVE children I definitely can not imagine my life without her in it.


80's Day

Okay, I don't know why the boys wouldn't smile this morning. Other than they are boys and they can be dorks. Maybe they are trying to look cool. Whatever!!! Today was 80's day at school. It is sad to say this but Owen and I had to think about what the kids could do to look 80's. Jillian is working the neon and the pants tucked into her socks. While Jared had his pants pegged and his shirt tucked WAY in. I hate to say it I am not sure what Hayden was doing but he had his idea and was working it.


Monster Trucks

Owen has been out of town a lot lately for work. So he wanted to do something fun with the kids. He decided to take them to the Monster Truck show. (Sabrina & I stayed home and to shop and nap, bummer.)
As you can see it was an afternoon for fun and things MOM never would do. Proof is the picture of Jillian.
1. Ice Cream for lunch
2. Picture of said ice cream ALL over her face
They had a blast. Somehow I bought them front row seats. So they came home with ear plugs, a little dirty from the mud slinging trucks, and lots of stories of crashes and jumps.