Planning Ahead

I have been really struggling to cook dinners. I was reading another blog and she talked about how she planned her meals out for any ENTIRE year. Well ,that seems like a little bit more than I could wrap my brain around. So I am just starting out by planning out for a month. Hopefully it will save on trips to the market which will in turn save us some money. Believe it or not I am glad not to have to think about what I am going to be making for dinner. I have put the calender up on our fridge (just like the school's lunch menu) so the kids know what's for dinner too. We will see if they have any complaints. They really shouldn't, as I asked each of them what their favorite meals were while I was making the calender. I would love some ideas for good dinners so I can start thinking about what to put on next month's calender.


CynthiaK said...

OMG, planning an entire month's worth of meals is a major accomplishment in my book! Way to go!

I must do this more, at the very least on a weekly basis.

3XMom said...

wow. I do a week at a time. Good for you!