2 year stats of a Phillips kid

We went for Sabrina's 2 year check up and I wanted to post her stats:
Weight 18 pounds 2 ounces
Height 31 inches
Yep, she is a pip-squeak. Smaller than any of her siblings. And her 7 month old cousin is just 1 pound and 2 inches smaller. So basically Gabby will pass Sabrina up next month.
She is a talker. She loves telling me what the other kids are up to, in other words, she tattles. When the big kids are not around she is always asking me where they are. Sabrina is also FEARLESS. She will CLIMB anything. I can not tell you how many times I have gone down in the kitchen and she is up on the counter getting into things. Yep, I have to move the medicines from the upper cabinet or child proof it. She can wrap any male person around her little finger. And I really mean ANY male person. Though family loves her best, I have seen her work her magic on strangers. It is a site to behold and we are going to be in so MUCH trouble when she grows up. Though there are days I still can not believe I am a mother to FIVE children I definitely can not imagine my life without her in it.

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