Blue to Green

Hayden in progressing nicely in Karate. He had been doing it a year now. He attained his green belt on Friday. He is really excited he has been sparing (learning to fight). He thought he was ready to take a break for a while but there is nothing like earning a new belt to keep him wanting to move forward.


Favorite Foto Friday 8*28*09

I didn't have a favorite foto for the week it just a minute ago. I was working on the computer and Sabrina got very quiet. I went to see what she was up to walked around the bed and found that she had put on Jillian's "dirty" socks and panties (she has them on right and everything). She was also attempting to get on her shoes. Mind you she had to dig through the hamper to find them, and yes the socks match. She makes me so proud. Sabrina love to put clothes on. This is just the latest "outfit" she has tried on. She is almost 20 months and she can already almost dress herself. Can you just see she is so proud of herself?

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Sleeping Chronicals, the next child

I know that it has been a while since I shared Gavin and his funny sleeping positions. Last night I went in to check on Sabrina and this is what I found. Feet totally up in the air. On the plus side she was IN the bed. The last few nights she was been on the floor by the door. (I could not have gotten in to take a picture if I wanted to.) She is sleeping (sometimes) in the toddler bed now since we had to convert it because the little monkey was climbing out of the crib.



Those are the grade the kids started today. Above is the best picture that I could get before they went off to school. It is official my boys are pre-adolescent. They did want to take a picture let a lone hold still or smile. And Sabrina thought she should be in there as well. Please excuse her hair she had just rolled out of bed and wasn't even dressed for the day. Now please excuse me I am going to entertain the little ones for a few hours until it is time for me to ditch, I mean, drop them off at preschool and daycare and a few wonderful hours ALL TO MYSELF.


Favorite Foto Friday 8*21*09

What really makes this photo funny is the fact that this is NOT our stroller and those are NOT my sunglasses. We went to a church activity this week and Sabrina just climbed into an empty stroller and helped herself to the mom's sunglasses. It is a good thing she is so little and cute because she really can get away with just about anything. Needless to say she had all the Moms wrapped around her little finger and laughing at her antics.


Rockin' with Dad

Hayden finally got to go to his first concert. Dad was happy he FINALLY got to be the one take a kid. The other 2 big kids music likes tend to follow MY music taste. Owen as managed to sway ONE to his so far. So off they went to see GREEN DAY. And in their words, "IT WAS AWESOOOOMMMME!!"


DO you know how hard...

it is to get TWO toddlers to look at the camera at the same time??? As you can see, it is VERY hard. Sam came to spend the night. She and Sabrina are very cute together. Though it makes me VERY thankful that God in his infinite wisdom never gave me TWINS.


Favorite Foto Friday 8*14*09

This week my favorite picture is of Gavin. This is from when we went to go meet his new teacher. He starts school MONDAY!!! YIPEE!! (One down three to go) Oops, got a little side tracked there didn't I. Check out how he is standing, both arms resting on the ledge like he owns the place. 4 1/2 and he already thinks he is all that and a bag of chips. I am SOOOO in trouble.


I was sure...

that the first trip to the ER would be with one of the BOYS. But NOOOOO, today I got to take 19 month old Sabrina there. She is FINE, nothing is broken. But the entire top of her foot is scraped and she will probably loose several toe nails. Needless to say the skate boards have ALL be confiscated and there will be no now FLYING down the hill. Especially with our barefooted baby sister in tow.


No snow needed

3 kids + 2 cousins + 5 cardboard boxes + 1 hill = an afternoon of endless fun and laughter


Gavin & Gabby

Gabby is old enough that Gavin FINALLY got to hold her. He has been waiting, for him, an eternity. REMEMBER he is only 4 1/2 so 2 months is an eternity. Can you just see how proud he is to be the BIG cousin?


Afternoon at the Aquarium

For the last few days we have had Cam and Alex visiting. Yesterday I took them to the Living Planet Aquarium. A great way to spend a few hours. The kids loved exploring and being able to touch some creatures. They got to touch sting rays, star fish, and sea cucumbers. A friend of my works there so the BIG boys learned some extra information about the anaconda snake they have there. Her name is Peaches, she loves the water and lives 90% of the time and she eat a chicken once a week. Oh and she is over 10 feet long but very friendly. Jared now wants a snake for a pet. Yipee!!!


Favorite Foto Friday 8*7*09

So I am a little tired of looking for Flashback Fotos so I decided to post my favorite foto this week instead. I just love the tender moment being shared between my oldest and youngest.

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Hanging out at the pond

Really the title should have been hanging out IN the pond. The other day Owen finally got his wish and Sabrina fell in the pond. I wasn't home, of course. Owen was was working in the back yard IN the pond and Sabrina wanted to reach something in the pond lost her balance and in she went. Owen said she was very cat like and didn't even freak out or cry. Owen being the good dad that he is took off her wet clothes (can you say yucky stinky pond water) and let her be naked in the yard. Modest girl that she is, she went in search of something to cover herself with and the only thing she could find were Gavin's underwear. But I want you to notice she put them on correctly ALL by herself. This is not my first choice but I must say she looks pretty cute saggy behind and all.


Discovery Museum

While the big boys were off doing something else I took the rest of the kids to the Children's Museum. It was a great way do spend and afternoon. There were lots of things for them to discover and touch and play. They had a town where the kids could try out different "jobs". There was a place to build, play house, a grocery store, post office, gas station and a farm. I wish I could show how much fun they had but I forgot I stuck the camera in my purse till later. As you can see out side they had a life flight helicopter the kids could climb into and investigate. Gavin was having so much fun "flying" he would not turn and look at me for a picture. (See he is there just behind the girls). I think Jilli had fun being the biggest kid, she did great helping with Sabrina.


Water fun with Cousins

We had to set of cousins in town and decided to we need to share "our" water park with them. As you can see none of them had any fun.(YEAH RIGHT) I am defiantly thinking we need season pass for next summer. Maybe Santa will but them in the kids stockings