Favorite Foto Friday 8*7*09

So I am a little tired of looking for Flashback Fotos so I decided to post my favorite foto this week instead. I just love the tender moment being shared between my oldest and youngest.

For more people sharing their great fotos head over to Candid Carrie and check out the comments for places to visit. (she has divorced the laxy always broken Mr.Linky)


Nancy said...

Oh that is ADORABLE!! I love moments like those :) How awesome to capture it :)

Thanks for stopping by...come by and drool over my kitchen any time ;) LOL! I'm still doing my happy dance tee hee

WackyMummy said...

So sweet! =)

Come on by and see some of our tender moments too. http://wackymummy.blogspot.com

JennyMac said...

That is precious! Darling kids.

Susie said...

So cute!!