Hanging out at the pond

Really the title should have been hanging out IN the pond. The other day Owen finally got his wish and Sabrina fell in the pond. I wasn't home, of course. Owen was was working in the back yard IN the pond and Sabrina wanted to reach something in the pond lost her balance and in she went. Owen said she was very cat like and didn't even freak out or cry. Owen being the good dad that he is took off her wet clothes (can you say yucky stinky pond water) and let her be naked in the yard. Modest girl that she is, she went in search of something to cover herself with and the only thing she could find were Gavin's underwear. But I want you to notice she put them on correctly ALL by herself. This is not my first choice but I must say she looks pretty cute saggy behind and all.

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Danean said...

That's a little too cute!!