Happy Birthday SABRINA

Baby girl I can hardly believe that you are one. I am living in this space that I feel like you have been part of our family forever and yet you are only 1. You are sure a wonderful fascinating girl. I love your easy going nature. Thank you for choosing me as your mom. I will strive to always be there for you in every way possible.
Happy Birthday from your whole family and I know you will have many more to come.




They tied the knot on December 23rd. YEAH!! To say they have had a big year would be and under statement. They bought a house together, got married and are having a baby in June.

We can not be happier for them both. I hope they have many happy memories together and congratulations.


Merry Knishmas

This is Gavin's Holiday favorite this year. It is Chowder's Merry Knishmas. Staring Knish Kingle and they make Schminderbread houses. I think it is weird but what do I know.

Enjoy!!! And don't forget to pause the music on the sidebar if you ant to watch the video.


Holiday Lights

Tonight we took the kids to Thanksgiving point to see their holiday lights. for those of you in California it is our version of Candy Cane Lane, just not done at people's homes.

You turn your car radio to a Christmas music station and drive through these wonderful light display. They even have live reindeer but, we didn't know that. We had the kids get into their jammies before they left. Oh well, maybe next year. There was even a layer for fresh snow for the light the glimmer against. It was a nice family together evening.


Tis the season...

for holiday programs. Hayden and Gavin had christmas programs this year. Of course they we both on the same day, lucky for us they at least were not at the same time.

Hayden had a small speaking part in his program. He also got to play Joseph in the manger. He just loves to perform. I wish I had a better picture of Hayden but the gym was dark so not many of our pictures turned out.

Gavin, the HAM, was great as well. I only saw 2 of his songs but Owen and Heidi saw and taped the whole show. They said he was very animated during his program.


Flashback Friday 12.19.08

This week we are reaching WAY back to Christmas time 1990. I found this picture this summer and have been saving it for just this time of year. My sister, Meghan, just might kill me for posting this. My oldest friend, Shannon, will love it. I had just come home for the holidays from my first semester at college. I love that we we spontaneous enough to go take a photo with Santa while we were out shopping.

For more foto fun head over to Candid Carrie's.



Today Sabrina stood up all by herself. I would show you a picture but today of all days Owen took the camera to work. Check back later and I will see if I can get a shot.


Flashback Friday 12.12.08

Going back to Christmas tree shopping in 2005. It is hard to tell but Gavin is just about Sabrina's age in this picture. Looking back at this it make me feel a little bad that we didn't ALL go shopping for this year's tree. I guess I can plan for it to be a family outing next year.

Hope everyone is getting ready for the holidays. Head over to Candid Carrie's for more foto fun.


Sabrina's new do

This is my new favorite way to do Sabrina's hair. Between this big girl hair and her teeth she is really looking less and less like a baby. The other way I like her hair is to just do one pony up on top, she totally looks like Cindy Lu Who from the Grinch.


Then there were 4

Doesn't she look happy to share? We are just happy that 2 have finally broke though. But the reality in our house at the moment is that she is trying to cut at least 2 more on top. And just this morning I noticed 2 more bumps on the bottom. I think that Motrin really should really have buy 5 get one free program. Because we have been living on Motrin for weeks here. Seriously I am buying 2 at a time.

She really doesn't look like a baby anymore. Teeth really changed her look. I can hardly believe she will be one at the end of this month.


It's beginning ...

to look a lot like Christmas here. The weather has FINALLY begun to feel like winter. It snowed last night. Which always makes it feel like Christmas is really on its way.
Owen keeps saying."WE WIN". I think he is referring to the best decorated house on the block. Every time I go outside he has added something. I think he might need a 12 step program. Do they have a Christmas Lights Anonymous???


I quess sometimes...

...Owen is right. I REALLY hate to admit that and I know he is going to use it against me. But look you can get 5 kids up at our kitchen counter. I know that kids are being goofy. I couldn't get them to just look at the camera and smile. I suppose that is what happens when you let their blood sugar get to low and only offer them leftovers for dinner.

Owen kept trying to tell me we didn't NEED a kitchen table. I used the fact that ALL of the kids would not be able to eat together as the reason for getting it. Well I do need it when we sit down as a family. Now I just have to talk Owen in to getting the new matching bar stools I NEED since I CAN get 5 at the counter. Maybe after the holidays.


Flashback Friday 12.5.08

We are not going to far back this week only to this summer but this is one of my favorite pictures of Tanner. Today is his 8th birthday. I love how bright his smile is and that his eyes match the color of the sky. This picture was taken during one of the boys favorite days this summer. Owen and Grandpa Pete took all of the BOY cousins up on Rattlesnake Mountain for a day of BOY stuff. I don't really know all of the details I just have the photos but I know my BOYS (all of them) had a great time

Tanner, we hope you have a great day. Hope you know that even if we aren't with you we are thinking of you and sending you birthday wishes.

Head over to Candid Carrie's for more Foto Fun.


You never know....

who is going to show up on your doorstep for Thanksgiving.

Okay technically it was Heidi's doorstep. I am not sure how Grandpa Pete came to have some hobo (my son's term) sign. But you need to click on it and read the fine print. I swear it will make you laugh.

We had a great Thanksgiving at Heidi and Jason's NEW home. They cooked the turkey, it turned out great. Peter made fabulous potatoes. I made the rest of the mandatory sides, pie and birthday cake. It was very yummy and a nice day with family.


WARNING: Naked bummie alert

I have never really had a baby who had rolls. They are barely there but, they are more there then with my other kids. Now you have to consider that she is 11 months and weighs about 13 pounds. So rolls are hard to come by.

This is Sabrina getting ready for tubby. Her favorite time of day. I had to take this picture because I have the same shot of ALL my kids. One day I will have to a collage of them.

This picture is for grandma Chris because I know she will love it as much as I do.