Then there were 4

Doesn't she look happy to share? We are just happy that 2 have finally broke though. But the reality in our house at the moment is that she is trying to cut at least 2 more on top. And just this morning I noticed 2 more bumps on the bottom. I think that Motrin really should really have buy 5 get one free program. Because we have been living on Motrin for weeks here. Seriously I am buying 2 at a time.

She really doesn't look like a baby anymore. Teeth really changed her look. I can hardly believe she will be one at the end of this month.

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JANE said...

Oh yeah, remember that well!!
My girl's bday is the end of the month also, 28th. She never cut any teeth until 15 mos, I thought she'd be toothless forever!!! My boys always cut around 8 mos!