Cowabunga Dude!!!!

My friend Stacey called and said she was taking her boys over to the new water park that is up the street from our house. I was home alone with the kids so I decided to ditch the laundry and head over there with them. WE HAD A BLAST!! See the big twisty green one. GAVIN even did that one, by himself. They had a baby water side that I took Sabrina on she really like it and the lazy river. The rest LOVED everything. It was an AWESOME way to spend the day.


Shannon said...


We have yet to take our girls to water park... I'm sure they'd love to go to one. Unfortunately, the closest one to us is about 2 hours away... how cool to have one so close to you!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Where the HECk is that? I want to go!!!

"The Queen in Residence" said...

I saw that being built and kept thinking what is that? So that is the latest in water fun. Looks great and the sun was out for you, even better.