And she's OFF...

Yep... She is crawling. Of course she finally figured it out while Mommy was away a 16 whole hours. Isn't always the way that it happens. You turn your back and they do something cute or learn a new skill. Though Owen says that she was still doing the inch worm thing on Saturday while I was gone, I know he he lying to make me feel better. (He is good to me that way.)

She isn't fast yet and she only does it from time to time. But I know that within a week I am going to need to get a gate for the top of the stairs. And now I am going to turn in to a Floor Natzi trying to get my other kids to keep things off the floor that Sabrina could choke on. Also we are going to have to sweep and mop almost every day. YIPPEE, like I don't have enough to do already. Oh wait, I have 3 big kids and 1 little one they can do it or at least help. I knew I had a lot of kids for a reason.

By the way, did you notice how she sticks her tongue out while she is crawling she get that from her Auntie Meghan. She always concentrated better at gymnastics when her tongue was out. No Sabrina need her out when she is working hard too. Hopefully as she gets better at it her tongue will go back in her mouth. Though it is pretty cute.


Kelly said...

Oh, what a big girl!! I love the tongue action; it help you concentrate!!

Shannon said...

Yes, love the tongue sticking out... too cute :)