More while Mom's away...

the kids will break the rules. Owen just explained to me about these photos on the camera from while I was gone as well. You see these two children we running in the house(not allowed) and sliding on the wood floor(really not allowed). Both of them hurt themselves ,within moments of each other. I am not sure which was hurt first, but you have thought one getting hurt would have made the other stop.
Well, at least Owen really did break our number one rule: Don't BREAK the kids. Which has now been modified to Don't break or severely damage the kids. I will have to share the story behind the modification on another day. As mom I know that living injury free is impossible. So except for a few bumps and bruises the kids had a great time while I was away and I really need to do that more often.
So Dad if you want to be then rule breaker and be willing to have all of the KIDS then okay as long as I get to have alone time I guess that is a small price to pay.


Massey Family said...

Your poor babies!

Kelly said...

Does Owen have a blog? Because he totally has that blogger mentality of "Quick, go get the camera to capture this shot for my blog...."