Summer Girl

Sabrina is eight months old today. It is hard to believe. She is changing and growing up way to fast for me. It is funny how with your first baby you push for them to hit those mild stones, they cannot do it fast enough. With my last I feel myself holding back and letting her do things at her pace. I want her to crawl but am glad for every day that she doesn't.

She has gotten to be a very chatty girl. Sabrina is saying DADADADAD but not really to Owen just making the sounds. And by the way not a MMMMM sound to be heard. She finds all of her siblings very amusing. They all seem to be able to get her to giggle with ease.

No more leaving her unattended of the bed though. She is going from a seated position to her tummy very fast and just this week as begun to "inch worm" around. She manages to hit the corners very well.

Eating is easy now too. She has been getting what the kids call real food sometimes 2 times a day. She ALWAYS gets dinner and favors veggies over anything else. Carrots are her favorite. She is also on the bottle now so she can be let home with Daddy more often.

Sabrina is definitely my best sleeper. Though I hate to jinx it by mentioning it. I can lay her down fully awake and she just rolls over and she is out. She is even sleeping for almost 8 hours a stretch at night. She goes to bed early, usually by 7, so that means I still have to get up sometime between 3 and 4 to give her a bottle. Then she goes right back to sleep til 7am.


Massey Family said...

I can't believe how old she is getting, she is getting so big, and a very good baby!

Anonymous said...

You should think about having Hayden model. Seriously.


This Mom said...
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