Guess who started school today???

Gavin. YEAH!!! For him, of course. (Mommy was not doing the happy dance in the car as she drove away) He is getting to go were all of the other big kids have gone to start their learning. He was so excited. He met his teacher, Miss.Jennifer. I don't think he is going to have any trouble remembering that one. He is in the cow room which is conveniently located across from the bathrooms. He played out on the rock wall and slide. He sang the "Hello song" and had pretzels for snack and got to watch the "Crab" movie while he waited for me to pick him up. All in all not a bad first day. He can hardly wait for Wednesday to get here. I know EXACTLY how he feels.


jen721 said...

So glad he had a good first day. How did you take it dropping him off?

Massey Family said...

How lucky are you, I sometimes wish Syd was in preschool. Sydney keeps telling me she wants to get on a plane to visit Danean. One day I might send her. Lucky Danean!

Penelope said...

What cute pictures! Sounds like it was an exciting day!

-I found your blog on Blog Around the World!