DaD'S in ChArGe pARt 2

So to continue the adventure of my family when I am not around...

After playing the morning away at Great grandpa Phillips everyone loaded up and headed further north to Idaho. First stop the Turnbow's Dairy Farm. The Thunbow's are Owen's cousins and they have a farm, cows included. The kids are able to see the babies and touch and SMELL them at will. They are able to learn about the milking process and see where Dad grew up when He was a kid. This is the farm that he lived on until he was 16. Yes, he even did milking as a daily chore.

While they were exploring the empty field by the pond they found a ton of crickets. Instead of trying to catch them our city-fied children got out golf clubs to try to smash them.

Next stop, Rattlesnake mountain, where grandpa is working on restoring a cabin. A place the kids and Owen love to go to ride the Rhino and quads and build really BIG fires. All the kids love to go up there to hang out a rough it. Mom not so much. This a perfect thing to do when Mom is away. They cooked hot dogs over the fire and marshmallows too. And got really dirty.

When I asked Jillian later what they had for breakfast her reply was,"BURNT toast and Twinkies." Owen quickly corrected her that it was,"DRY toast and Twinkies. I forgot about breakfast. But I took them to McDonald's later for more food once we got moving." I think he did a great job with them Dry toast and all.

On the way home almost all of the kids passed out at least till the got back to Heidi's to play once more with her new puppy, Stafford. Owen got them all home early enough to get the van mostly cleaned out and get the laundry started before he had to come to the airport to get me. What a guy. He took care of 4 kids and started cleaning before getting Mom.

Thanks HONEY

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Massey Family said...

It looks like your kids had a blast while you were in California with your mommy!