DaD'S in CHaRgE WeEKenD pARt 1

For those of you that don't know I had to goto California with Sabrina for the weekend, leaving Owen home with the rest. That is four kids to keep from going stir crazy. The best course of action get out of Dodge and head NORTH. I will do by best to relate what they did. Or at least pass on what they told me they did.

The weekend started with Heidi picking them up after school. Friday is early out day. They packed the van and headed to Layton to hang out till Dad finished work. They took the Wii and taught Heidi and Jason how to play so Jason would have something to do while he is recovering from his surgery. ( Sorry no pictures)

Later when Dad picked them up they headed to Logan to have breakfast for dinner at Ihop with Uncle Rob, who is working there. The kids were way impressed that he was cooking food for everyone in the restaurant. Then it was off to great Grandpa Phillips to spend the night. Mind you I don't think any of the kids where in bed before 11pm.

Saturday, time to get out the motorcycle and quads. This is this best part of going to Grandpa Phillips. As you can see from the photos they all love to ride and luckily he has plenty of space to do so. Jared had to work before he got a turn. He was very excited that he is finally big enough to use the riding lawn mower by himself. Though Grandpa got on with him about half way through the job. Jared said that Grandpa was trying was trying to talk to him and tell him stories but he could understand anything he said over the noise over the mower.

The kids also like going to Grandpa because he gives them sodas and ice creams. What are Grandpas for?? John and Peter were there as well and along with Owen they were helping to build a new grape arbor for Grandpa behind his barn.

For lunch Owen took the kids to the dive... for subs. Actually he was getting take out from his favorite sandwich place in Logan, it just happens to be a bar. The place was empty since it was the middle of the day so the kids got to play pinball and pool while they were waiting. I have to say I am glad I missed this lunch. I was much happier having Persian food in the Marina with Mom and Meghan.

Stay tuned More adventures to follow...

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