The Sleeping Chronicles

Every night Owen and I go into Gavin's room never knowing what we are going to find. We have photographed some of the better finds. You know it is a good night when Owen bursts out in laughter and says, "Get the camera." Thought it does make me wonder if either Gavin doesn't need a bed at all or needs to graduate a big boy bed.


Massey Family said...

That is hilarious, I love the pictures. Savannah is the same way, she is always kicking the wall. Kids are funny!

Kelly said...

That is so funny; I'm amazed at his range! So glad your documenting this phenomenon!!

Thanks for stopping by today!!

Debbie said...

Oh Shannon...Ohmygosh...I am laughing out loud at those pics...the captions are as funny as the pictures...my fav is the sleep kneeling...How do kids do that...Thanks for the chuckle. Truly funny stuff.