Putting HER to WORK

Owen decided that while I was at pilates that Jillian was old enough to change and take care of her sister (while he was taking pictures, of course.) You probably noticed I didn't add captions to the pictures like I normally do. Well I couldn't decide who's point of view to take, Sabrina or Jillian. You have to watch it twice each time watching one of their faces.

Sabrina looks are like she wants to give Jillian a challenge. You can tell that she is having fun and wiggling to her heart's content. Jillian on the other hand looks determined. You can even see she sticks her tongue out, which everyone know help you to concentrate. Jillian did a good job, considering she is six, keeping Sabrina not to close to the edge. At least not till after she had changed her clothes. The last picture Bree is a little close to the edge but I think Daddy was right there, that is why Jilli got a little lax.

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Massey Family said...

now you have someone to help you change diapers! Lucky you!