1 Year old Stats

We just got home from Sabrina's 1 year check up. She is perfect, but we already knew that. As for her current stats she weighs 14 lbs 2 oz and is 27 inches long. YEP, she is petite. Almost 2 pounds littler than the other kids at this point. But the doctor said she is growing just fine. Though she did say that she is about the size of a normal 6 month old and that she should stay facing backwards in the car seat a while longer.

Things to note about Sabrina at 1 year old:
* she is standing very well on her own and took one step to Mom yesterday!!!
* likes to eat standing up (I now know why they have 5 point harness in high chair)
* LOVES to dance to Chicken Fried by Zac Brown Band
* has begun pulling out hair pretties and ends up looking like Bozo the clown (see above)
* knows how to do the stairs VERY well up and down
* like bubble baths and tries to eat bubbles
* sleeps about 6 hours straight at night but goes right back to sleep after bottle
* says Mama, dada, nigh-night, waves bye and signs more and all done
* loves bananas, peaches and mandarin oranges
* still prefers mommy :0)


Hatsuho said...

She is so tiny and cute! I bet Clara would look like a giant next to her. I'm sorry we didn't get to stop by when we were in Utah, we really wanted to but were so busy :( Next time!

Danean said...

Love the hair!!