She is such a GIRL

Sabrina LOVES to pick out which "pretty" she is going wear for the day. Today it is "curlies". She also wanted "hot". That translates to, "use the curling iron please mom". Her outfit isn't complete until I paint her nails to match and give her a touch of lip gloss. (isn't she getting big?)
* side note- the other day I left before doing her nails and she was with Daddy, who "lost track of her for only a FEW moment", and she got the stoll went to where I hide the polish and DID THEM HERSELF. What color did she chose??? DARK BLUE. It was all over the tile of the tub and my light tan towels. No, I didn't take pictures. I was to angry nobody was watching her and I was thanking heaven above there was none on her clothes or the carpet. That and I am out of blogging practice, I will get better.

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