Discovery Garden

We took the kids to Thanksgiving Point and the Children's garden. The weather was suppose to turn rainy so we decided to wait on our first day on the lake. They managed to get plenty wet though. When you first walk in to the garden the have a water feature the kids can play in. It is am ark complete with camels that randomly spit water at you. As you can see, Jillian got caught and the boys thought it was hilarious. Jared is in few picture be can he decide to though a pre-teen attitude because we weren't doing what he wanted. Oh boy, let the fun begin.


Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

K never even heard of that and I use to live by Thanksgiving point? I need to take my kids there!

arianabanana said...

Oh my word shannon your kids have the most unbelievable eyes!! They are all so big and blue!


Teri said...

That place looks like a blast. Cool pix. And the kiddies are cuties!