Birthdays, Brids & a Belly

Today is Grandma Deedee and Aunt Jennifer's birthday. (Jen is the Aunt in pink) Though it has been a while since we saw grandma Deedee we think of her often and hope she has a fabulous day. Jen he hope all your birthday wishes come true.

Heidi and Jason have a Blue jay that comes over regular for peanuts. Owen, Peter and Heidi have name him Jay. I know that every time he visits they think of grandpa Ozzie. We are putting up his picture so Grandma Deedee can could see him in all his wonderful blueness.

Now on to the belly. Her face has been removed to protect her identity. (and hopefully prevent her from killing me) In my defense, it was Owen who took the picture and it was his idea to put it here in the blog. I know there are many family members who were wondering how she was doing and what she was looking like. In my opinion she is still really small for 32 weeks and she is just belly. She hasn't put on weight anywhere else, though I know she feels different. If I looked as good as she does I might have let my hubby take a picture or two. Both Mommy and baby are going great and hoping to make it to 36 weeks. One more month and baby Gabby will be here.

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Danean said...

That's a cute belly for sure!!