Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Saturday we woke up to RAIN. So it was a hang out at home and PRAY that it would stop because we had some tickets to the RED SOX'S game. Steve being the MAN got awesome seats. As you can see, front row right next to the Sox's dugout and right behind their batters box. Don't you just love the warning sign that is posted when you get to sit this close. They like you to know you could get hit in the HEAD. Anyways, if you watched the game on TV you surely saw them sitting there. They were so close I even heard Jared yelling when I was watching the game at home. Jillian being so cute was waved to several times during the game by players, including Big Poppy Ortiz. It was Owen's first trip to Fenway as well and since they won I think all were happy with the trip.

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Shannon said...

Fun! We have a minor league team here... my girls enjoy going to their home games. They've never been to a MLB game, though.

And yes, bats & balls do hurt! Once at a game, we were sitting on the third base line... the batter swung and the bat cracked in half... and the piece that broke off came flying right into the stands! Hit my dad on the thigh! He had a huge bruise from it, and luckily that's all.