Bye Bye bathroom

So when you ask your husband says, "Sure honey, go a head and run to the mall, take your time." You would think red flags would have gone up. Nope, I was not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. BUT... when I came home I found out the reason why. WE have decided to renovate the master bathroom. YIPEE!!! Actually I am quite excited. Not for the mess but for the finished product. It will be nice to have a shower that is warm in the winter, a tub that a grown up can soak in and a more separate bathroom all together. Hopefully John and Peter see this blog so they will be expecting the call for help in the near future.


The go to girl

It is very funny to sit on the side lines of Jillian's games. Listening to the other parent talk about your daughter. They say things like, "Man, that girls' quick" and "Oh, our boys would have caught her but... they didn't want to touch her butt." YEAH RIGHT!!! She is just quick and slippery. She scored on of the teams touchdowns this week. She is LOVING it.


Different Skate Park

This is the kids FAVORITE skate park. We only found it a few weeks ago but it is so much better than the old one. Owen told me the picture of Jilli, she is "jumping the gap". She is like 2 feet in the air. Makes her daddy proud. Jared like doing tricks on his bike best. Jared may want his next bike to be a BMX style so he can do more tricks. Hayden just tends to ride around and watch the other two and make faces at dad when he is taking his picture.


Hill AF skate park

the kids have become skate park OBSESSED. This weekend we spent the night ON BASE with Heidi and Jason and there was a skate park across the street. Jillian and Jared could not have been happier.
We also went bowling and just hung out. We were really bad about taking out the camera. We are all really sad that they are moving across the country and I am not sure what we are going to do once they are gone. It is a good thing there is Skype so Buddha doesn't forget us. Sabrina and Gavin are going to go into withdrawals I think. Hopefully, we will be able to find a way to visit once they are all settled in.



if kids keep getting black eyes someone might call the authorities. Yesterday was Hayden's turn. Guess it is bound to happen when brothers wrestle. To make things even better today was picture day at school. Well, now we have a matched set.


R U ready for some FOOTBALL???

Owen FINALLY got to attend one of his kids playing football. Jillian ROCKS!!! She scored 2 of the 3 touchdowns in her first game. Needless to say her team won. She is playing with her two best friends, Jacob and Savannah Massey. It was fun to listen to the parents talk about how the littlest girl on the team out played most of the boys on the field. As a mom I could not be more proud. By the way you need to click on the picture of her running so you can check out her "tough" football face. This girl means business on the field.


What happens when...

your daughter doesn't listen to you to stop running in the store. It is hard to tell but her eye is all black and blue. Man having a two year old is fun.


When you turn 12...

you become a dork in front of the camera. Actually the first picture is, I think, a happy surprised face. It wasn't on his "list" but he got a snowboard for his birthday. He is ready for the snow to start flying.